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Showcasing our Strengths

Featured are two stories written by students in Division 6, excerpts of which were showcased in our May 2013 Norquay School News

The Operation  by Justin Lam

That indescribable smell in a dental office, cold metal feeling on my fingertips, the big light shining on my face, and the sound of rolling wheels. Those are the things I smelled, felt, saw, and heard on my operation day. The purpose of this operation was to remove cavities, pull a tooth and stitch the opening closed. The not very rotten cavities had to be filled. Although this operation was very expensive, my parents paid for this because my parents love me! It was that love however that landed me here in the first. I was the first child and my parents innocently thought giving my candy and milk at night would stop me from making a big racket. I’m a night person now but when I was little, I wasn’t. At midnight, I would start howling so my dad would have to carry me to the living room and watch T.V. for about 2 hours until I fell asleep. They innocently gave my milk at night and that would put me to sleep but it would stay on my teeth so I got cavities that way.

On the day of the operation, I didn’t remember a lot of things but I did remember I was put on a stretcher / tall bed and I was holding my favourite toy car. It was a convertible, ocean blue BMW Z4 with alloy wheels. Before I knew it, the surgeons started blowing bubbles at me. then, I was asleep. I didn’t remember this but my parents told me that they also put a gas mask on my face. When the operation was over, they carried me to my parents and me and my mom started crying because my mouth was full of blood. This was one of my most memorable times of my life. It happened when I was 3 years-old and thank goodness these were only my baby teeth. Now, all of my permanent teeth are cavity-free and in place. We as a family, learned a lot from​ this experience. Now, my mother takes good care of my sibling’s teeth since they were born because of  what happened to me.

 Remember ​by Anamika Datta

   It all started when the rubber hit the road. I was sailing down the street on my bike when my brother's hands let go of me and I no longer had control.The bike crashed into a tree. I went soaring through the air. Immediately, my face hit the ground, and at 5 years old, it felt hard and cruel. All I can remember is the hot sun on my back. My brother Aninda, picked me off the ground carelessly and told me to try again. I knew he didn't like me but in my heart I felt he was supporting me a little. I tried again, without peddling. The result was even worse because my helmet hit a tree. In that moment I decided that I wasn't going to ride that old bike anymore. My brother read my thoughts then to bribed me by telling me that he would buy me something if I mastered riding. A feeling came over me that I couldn’t explain. Since I was three Aninda didn’t seem to care about me that much. I walked up to the purple bike and sat on the seat, honking my horn to show that I was ready. Aninda was cheering for me and saying “Go Anamika Go.” Hearing him cheer I knew I could do it. I started to peddle. The wind was blowing through my hair and nothing but wheels below me. I’d done it! I finally mastered how to ride a bike. After I jumped off Aninda gave me a big hug and that confirmed for me that my brother loved me. He promised he would buy me something and that something was a Canucks jersey. I still remember how riding my bike brought me and my brother closer together.

By: Anamika Datta