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Summer School

In May Summer School opens online registration facilitation for the following students:

- Newly arrived VSB students
- Non VSB, BC students
- International students

All VSB student PENs will  been downloaded into the Summer school data base as of March,  Students who arrived in the district after March are not in our data base and will need to use the PEN verifier if they wish to register online.

Please complete the following steps:
1.       Go to
2.       Enter your PEN # and Birthdate
3.       Press “Verify”
4.       Complete form as required

Your PEN will be verified within one week

All other Registration start in May

Student’s Birthday and PEN # required at time of Registration
Phone    604-713-4550
Fax         604-713-4530
Walk-in  1580 West Broadway, Vancouver
Mail-ins  VSB-CIE 1580 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC  V6J 5K8
On the Internet


Churchill Secondary                                           David Thompson Secondary
Gladstone Secondary                                        John Oliver Secondary
Magee Secondary                                               Point Grey Secondary
Prince of Wales Secondary

PROGRAMS                                                               DATES                                                                           TIMES
Completion (Full Courses, Grades 10 – 12)  Wednesday July 3rd – Fri. Aug. 9th                  8:00 – 11:25am / 12:25 – 3:50pm
Remedial, Preview, Skill Development           Monday July 8th – Fri. Aug. 2nd                         8:00 – 10:00am / 10:30-12:30pm
ESL 3 Week (PM only at Magee)                     Wednesday July 3rd – Fri. July 19th                 8:00 – 11:20am / 12:00 – 3:20pm
                                                                                Tuesday July 23rd – Fri. Aug. 9th                      8:00 – 11:20am / 12:00 – 3:32pm

                                                                                ELEMENTARY PROGRAM

SCHOOLS                                                                  DATES                                                                           TIMES
Maple Grove Elementary                                   Monday July 8th – Fri. July 26th                         9:00-11:55am / 12:30-3:25pm
Nootka Elementary                                             Monday July 8th – Fri. Aug. 2nd                         8:30-10:30am/10:50-12:50pm/1:20-3:20pm
Waverley Elementary                                         Monday July 8th – Fri. Aug. 2nd                        8:30-10:30am/10:50-12:50pm/1:20-3:20pm
Tecumseh Elementary                                       Wednesday July 17th – Wed. Aug. 14th          8:30-10:30am/10:50-12:50pm/1:20-3:20pm
Grandview Elementary                                      Monday July 8th – Fri. July 26th                         9:00-11:55am / 12:30-3:25pm (Inner City)
Tennyson Elementary                                        Monday July 8th – Fri. July 26th                         9:00-11:55am / 12:30-3:25pm (French Imm)
MacKenzie Elementary                                      Monday July 8th – Fri. July 26th                         9:00-11:55am / 12:30-3:25pm (**Gifted/Challenge)