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Counselling Corner

Dr. Emi Garzitto (Ms. G) is the Area Counsellor at Norquay Elementary.  


 She works at the school at the following days: Monday  Tuesday   Wednesday​   Friday

 Ms. G can be contacted via email at or you can leave a message at the school: Norquay Elementary School 604.713.4666

 Ms. G works at her role in the following three ways:

 1. Whole class instruction: Social Emotional curriculum is delivered through whole classroom instruction.  Programs such as Boundaries, and Zones of Regulation are introduced.  Other curriculum instruction may include:

  • positive communication practices
  • stress management
  • conflict resolution strategies
  • self regulation strategies
  • building resilience and capacity

2. Small group instruction: Students require informed consent from parents.  Small group of students work once a week on specific strategies which may include:

  • self regulation
  • anxiety management strategies
  • anger management strategies
  • social skill building

3. Individual counselling: Students require informed consent from parents. A student will work in a therapeutic setting, with one to one counselling support. Sessions are typically once a week and typically limited to 4-6 sessions with a parent followup and suggestions for continued support.

 Further information around ongoing parent presentations can be found at the following blog site and twitter account:


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