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PAC By-Laws

Table of Contents

Name. 3

Purposes 3

Definitions and Interpretations 4

Article 1 – Membership. 5

Article 2 – Meeting of Membership. 5

Article 3 – Termination of Membership. 6

Article 4 – Quorum and Voting. 6

Article 5 – Executive Committee (Officers of the Society) 7

Article 6 – Duties and Powers of the Executive Committee 9

Article 7 – Schoolplanning Council (SPC) and District Parent advisory Council (DPAC) 11

Article 8 – Committees and Subcommittees 12

Article 9 – Code of Ethics 12

Article 10 – Financial Matters 13

Article 11 – Maintenance, Inspection and Transfer of Records 14

Article 12 – Property in Documents 14

Article 13 – Address of Service and Location of Records 15

Article 14 – Altering By-laws 15

Article 15 – Dissolution. 15

Renfrew Elementary School Consultative Association Constitution. 17


Name   The legal name of the Society is “Norquay Elementary School Consultative Association” and it is a non-profit, registered Society, incorporated under the British Columbia Society Act. The Society is also referred to as “Norquay SCA” for short and is commonly known as the Norquay PAC.

1BPurposes  Under the British Columbia School Act, Section 8, there must be only one parents’ advisory council for each school. The PAC may advise the board and the principal and staff of the school respecting any matter to the school, other than matters assigned to the school planning council and, at the request of the school planning council, assist the school planning council in carrying out its functions under the Act.

The purposes of the Norquay PAC are to:

  • advise the school principal and staff on parental views about Norquay Programs, policies and activities
  • assist in carrying out the school philosophy and goals as set by the administration
  • communicate with parents and to promote cooperation between the home and school, as it relates to the education of the children
  • encourage parent involvement and to support programs that promote parental involvement
  • contribute a sense of community within the school and between the school, home and neighborhood
  • determine and implement fundraising activities or programs to financially assist, on a charitable basis, with projects that benefit the school and the members of the Society as a whole
  • assist parents in accessing the school system and to advocate on behalf of the parents and students

 Definitions and Interpretations

“administration” means the Principal, Vice-Principal or an official acting on behalf of the Vancouver School Board

“annual budget” means the budget for a fiscal year as adopted or amended by the members

“AGM” means an annual general meeting at which all members have the right to attend, annual reports are communicated, the budget for the upcoming year is approved and elections to the executive committee are held

“by-laws” means the rules governing the section and activities of the Society’s internal affairs

“chair” means the person who presides over a meeting, committee or board. Where the term “chair” is used in this document it is understood that it refers to co-chairs unless there is only one chair elected

“co-chairs” means two individuals who share equally in the duties and powers of the chair

“committee” means a person or group of persons appointed or approved by the executive committee to perform a service, function or specific task

“DPAC” or “district parents’ advisory council” means the parent advisory councils organized according to the School Act and operating as a district parent advisory council in School District No. 39

“executive committee” means a group of persons elected to perform the management functions of the Society

“general meeting or PAC meeting” means a general meeting at which the executive committee provides an update on activities and where all members have the right to attend and to express or raise their opinions, views or concerns

“member” means a person who is part of the Society, who becomes and remains a member in accordance with these by-laws

“officers” means an elected or appointed member of the executive committee

“PAC” means the parent advisory council organized according to the School Act and operating as a parent advisory council in NorquayElementary School

“parent” means, in respect to a child or children registered at Norquay Elementary School, the parent or other person who has guardianship or usually has the care and control of the student or child, other than a parent or person who does not have parental responsibilities for the student or child, under the Family Law Act.

“SPC” means the school planning council created for Norquay Elementary School according to the School Act

“society” means a Society incorporated under the Society Act

“society act” means the Society Act of British Columbia in force and all amendments to it

“special meeting” means a meeting that is called for the sole purpose of bringing forward a specific motion or discussion and voting on that specific motion

“staff” means the Administrators, teachers, support staff and other individuals employed by the Vancouver School Board and ordinarily working at Norquay Elementary School

“term” means the period of time between each election held to elect the executive committee

 Article 1 – membership

 1.01        Parents of students registered at Norquay Elementary School are voting members of the Society.

1.02        Administration and staff of Norquay Elementary School are non-voting members of the Society.

1.03        It is the duty of each member, in order to remain in good standing with the Society, to comply with the by-laws of the Society.

Article 2 – meeting of membership

 2.01(a) One (1) AGM shall be held during each year at Norquay Elementary School on a date and time to be set by the executive committee.

(b) An AGM shall consist of the Chair’s report, the Treasurer’s report, the Principal’s report (if available), a proposed budget and an election of the executive committee.

(c) An AGM must be held at least every calendar year and not more than fifteen (15) months after the adjournment of the previous AGM.

2.02     The Society shall strive to have no less than four (4) PAC meetings held during the school year at Norquay Elementary School on a date and time to be set out by the executive committee.

2.03     Fourteen (14) days notice of any AGM  PAC or special meeting shall be posted in Norquay Elementary School’s newsletter and/or the Society’s minutes and/or posted on the School’s website.

2.04     Meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

2.05     Every member of the Society shall be entitled to attend any AGM, PAC or special meeting of the Society. Parent members may vote at any meeting of the Society and be elected to any office, but there shall be no proxy voting.

2.06     During any meeting members are expected to behave according to Norquay’s Code of Conduct. Any member not following the Code of Conduct may be reminded about the Code and/or may be asked to leave the meeting or the meeting may be adjourned.

 2.07    Members and non-voting members will refrain from discussing, influencing and voting upon any matter before the Society in which they or their family or their friends, have a pecuniary interest.

2.08     Individuals who may be in a situation of “perceived bias” by virtue of another role they hold in the educational system should avoid functions that involve representation to the Administration, the Vancouver School Board and/or the Society.

Article 3 – termination of membership

 301.     Parent membership in the Society ceases when the parent no longer has a child registered at Norquay Elementary School.

3.02     Staff membership ceases when the staff are no longer staff members of Norquay Elementary School.

3.03     No member may be expelled from the Society.

 Article 4 – quorum and voting

4.01(a)   A quorum for an AGM or special meeting for the purposes of determining policy, amending By- Laws, or adopting a budget shall be a majority of current executive plus one (1) other voting member of the Society. If a quorum is not met by the time of the scheduled vote, the presiding Chair shall adjourn the meeting and reconvene it within fourteen (14) days. At a reconvened meeting, a simple majority of those members present is required to carry a vote.

      (b) For the purposes of executive meetings and resolutions of the executive, a quorum shall be the majority (50% + 1) of the current executive committee.

      (c)  A quorum for any meeting, with exception of the executive meeting shall be the number of voting members present.

 4.02    Elections of the executive committee, including SPC and DPAC representatives shall be by secret ballot.

4.03(a)     Unless otherwise e provided, motions arising at any meeting shall be decided upon by a simple majority vote or the members present.

      (b) Special resolutions shall be decided upon by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present

      (c) Amendments to the by-laws shall be decided upon by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present

      (d) Decisions and resolutions passed at executive meetings shall be decided upon by a majority vote of the executive committee.     

      (e) Except as provided elsewhere in these by-laws, voting is by a show of hands or, where requested by two voting members present, by secret ballot.                        

       (f) In the case of a tie vote at any meeting, the Chair does not have the deciding vote and the motion will be lost.

Article 5 – executive committee (officers of the Society)

 5.01     The executive committee may exercise all the powers of the Society provided that such powers do not contravene legal statute or are not otherwise lawfully directed or prohibited;

 5.02(a)A voting member may hold any executive position if they are voted into that position at the AGM or appointed as per Article 5, Section 5.09

        (b)No employee of the Vancouver School Board working at Norquay Elementary School as defined as permanent/temporary, full or part time shall hold an executive position.

5.03     The executive committee shall be elected for one term by members at the AGM and shall hold office beginning the first day after the last day of school.

5.04(a)            The executive committee shall strive to consist of two (2) Co-Chairs, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and may have members at Large, Fundraiser(s) or any other positions by whatever name for the purposes of carrying out the duties of the Society.

(b)   In the event that there is only one (1) member standing for the elected position as Chair at the time of an election, there shall be one (1) Chair elected.

(c) The number of members at Large with voting rights on the executive committee shall be limited to two (2) elected positions, although there may be additional members at Large on a volunteer basis.     

5.05     At no time shall the executive committee be less than three (3) in number and in that event the executive committee must include the positions of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

5.06     The executive committee shall name at least three signing officers for banking and legal documents, one of which shall be the Treasurer.

5.07     executive committee members are volunteers and shall receive no remuneration for their duties.

5.08     executive committee members shall cease to hold office upon their ceasing to be members of the Society.

5.09     If a position on the executive committee is vacant, the position may be filled by appointment by the Chair, or the duties of the position may be shared by other executive committee members.

5.10     executive committee members who wish to resign their position before their term is up must do so in writing to the Secretary. At that time, the resigning executive committee member shall turn over all records to the Secretary. In the event of the resignation of the Secretary, he/she must transfer all records to the Chair.

5.11     executive committee members may be removed as executive committee members by a majority vote of the executive committee. The removed member will remain as a member of the Society.

5.12     executive committee meetings will be held at the call of the Chair. At least one meeting will be held before each PAC meeting.

5.13     executive committee members will be given reasonable notice of executive meetings.  

5.14     If an executive committee member is temporarily unable to perform his/her duties, as in the case of illness, travel or personal matters, it is that executive committee member’s responsibility to ask other executive committee members to temporarily cover your duties.


9BArticle 6 – duties and powers of the executive committee

6.01(a)            The Chairpersons shall be the Chief Officers of the Society shall share in the duties and powers of the Chair and shall;

                                 i.     Convene and preside meetings of the PAC and ensure that all decisions are carried into effect;

                               ii.     Ensure that all duties of executive committee members are properly performed;

                             iii.     Oversee all committees and subcommittees;

                              iv.     Receive and review all correspondence including bank statements and distribute or cause to be distributed as necessary;

                                v.     Ensure at least one (1) Chair has signing authority for banking and other documents;

                              vi.     Be the official spokesperson for the Society but may appoint a designate when necessary;

                            vii.     Prepare the agenda for all meetings;

                          viii.     Consult with the school’s Administration and other staff as needed in preparation of the Annual budget for the upcoming year;

                              ix.     Assist in the preparation of the Annual budget for approval at the AGM by a quorum of members;

                                x.     Prepare a report of the year’s proceedings and activities at the AGM;

                              xi.     Apply for the Gaming Grant, or designate an executive committee member to do so, with the assistance of the other executive committee members;

                            xii.     Serve in an advisory capacity to the incoming executive committee, if called upon to do so;

(b)  If the Chair is unable to attend a meeting the Secretary shall call the meeting and another appointed member will assume the duties of the Chair for that meeting, or, in the absence of a Chair, the members shall choose by a simple majority vote from those present.

(c)   If there is a requirement to fill the Chair position prior to the end of the term, the position must be filled by another executive committee member, by a majority vote of the executive committee.


6.02(a)            The Secretary shall;

                                 i.     Post the agenda as proposed by the Chair for all PAC meetings;

                               ii.     Record, prepare and distribute as required, the minutes of any meeting;

                             iii.     Send the minutes to the Chair and/or other executive committee member for review;

                              iv.     Post the adopted and unadopted minutes to the school’s website and PAC bulletin board;

                                v.     Keep the records of the Society and shall be custodian of the Society’s correspondence and official documents;

                              vi.     Complete and file the Society Annual Report Reminder;

                            vii.     Keep an accurate copy of the most recent by-laws of the Society and distribute these documents to all executive committee members, as well as have copies available for any member upon request;

                          viii.     Be assigned signing authority if necessary

6.02(b)            In the event that the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting the Chair shall appoint or approve another member to record minutes of that meeting. Any other duties required of the Secretary for the meeting shall be filled by another executive committee member.


6.03        The Treasurer shall;

                                 i.     Act as custodian of the funds of the Society and take direction from the executive committee;

                               ii.     Pay any and all bills as required;

                             iii.     Ensure expenditures have the proper authorization and are backed by detailed receipts and invoices;

                              iv.     Keep the financial records;

                                v.     Prepare and present a budget updated at each PAC meeting;

                              vi.     Assist in drafting the Annual budget for the upcoming school year, with the assistance of the executive committee, for approval at the AGM;

                            vii.     Be responsible for depositing the Society’s funds in a bank or financial establishment registered under the Bank Act;

                          viii.     Submit an annual financial report at each AGM in compliance with the Society Act;

                              ix.     Complete and file the annual Gaming Account Summary report (if the gaming grant was received);

                                x.     Ensure that another financial signing officer has access to the books and accounts in the event of his/her absence;


6.04        The Fundraiser shall;

                                 i.     Research and/or investigate fundraising activities that may be of benefit to the school;

                               ii.     Propose such fundraising activities to the executive committee for consideration;

                             iii.     Coordinate and manage the various fundraising activities that the executive committee has agreed to;

                              iv.     Ensure all receipts and monies are submitted to the treasurer for accounting purposes;

                                v.     Prepare and present an activity report at executive and PAC meetings;

6.05        The members at Large shall;

                                 i.     Serve as a liaison between the executive committee and the Membership;

                               ii.     Assist with collections directly from the classrooms;

                             iii.     Post notices, when required, for activities and/or fundraising events;

                              iv.     Assist with the planning and/or facilitation of certain activities;

                                v.     Perform any other duties as determined by the executive committee;

                              vi.     Actively encourage and recruit other volunteers from within the member families;

Article 7 – schoolplanning council (SPC) and District Parent advisory council (DPAC)


7.01(a)            The Society shall elect three (3) representatives to the SPC annually from among the voting members who are not employees or elected officials of any school board or the Ministry of Education.

       (b)            One (1) of the elected SPC members must be an executive committee member;

       (c) The Society shall assist the SPC, at their request, in matters pertaining to the development of the School Growth Plan.


7.02     The School Planning Council (SPC) representatives shall;

                                 i.     Attend all meetings of the SPC;

                               ii.     Represent, speak and vote on behalf of the Society at the SPC meetings;

                             iii.     Request and take direction from the executive committee and the members;

                              iv.     Be strong advocates for meaningful Parent involvement in the school and school planning;

                                v.     Provide a written report when requested, at all PAC and executive committee meetings;

                              vi.     Submit an annual report at the AGM if requested;


7.03(a)            The Society shall elect or appoint one (1) representative to the DPAC annually from among the voting members who are not employees or elected officials of any school board or the Ministry of Education.

       (b)            If an SPC or DPAC representative resigns or ceases to hold the position for any reason, another member may be elected or appointed by the executive committee to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.

       (c)The election of representatives to the SPC and DPAC must be by secret ballot.


7.04     The District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) representative shall;

                                 i.     Attend all DPAC meetings in School District No.39 and represent, speak and vote on behalf of the Society;

                               ii.     Maintain current registration of the Society;

                             iii.     Report regularly to the executive committee and the members on all matters relating to the DPAC;

                              iv.     Seek and give input to the DPAC on behalf of the Society;

                                v.     Receive, circulate and post DPAC newsletters, brochures and announcements;

                              vi.     Receive and act on all other communications from DPAC;

                            vii.     Liaise and network with other PAC and DPAC representatives;

                          viii.     Submit an annual report if requested;

Article 8 – committees and subcommittees

8.01     Standing committees, ad-hoc and subcommittees shall be formed when necessary;

8.02     The Chair, in consultation with the executive committee, may appoint any member to any committee.

8.03     Committees are responsible to the executive committee and the members.

8.04     The terms of reference of each committee will be specified by the members or the executive committee at the time the committee is established, or by the committee at its first meeting, as the members or executive committee decides.

Article 9 – code of ethics

 9.01     On election or appointment, every executive member and representative must agree to abide by a code of ethics, acceptable to the members by signing a Code of Ethics Statement of Understanding (Appendix A).

9.02     Every executive committee member and representative must act solely in the interests of the Society.

9.03     Any information received in confidence from a staff or other school personnel, a student, Parent, or another member of the school community is privileged and must not be divulged without permission of the person giving the information.

9.04     An executive committee member or representative who is interested or would benefit, either directly or indirectly, in a proposed contract or transaction with the executive committee must disclose fully and promptly the nature and extent of his or her interest, the executive committee and the members.

9.05     Executive committee members must adhere to any decision(s) made by the executive committee. No executive committee member will take contrary action(s) to the decision(s). Contrary action(s) against the executive committee will be deemed as a violation against the Code of Ethics and will result in a review for the purpose of termination, of that executive committee member.

Article 10 – financial matters

10.01   The executive committee shall name at least three (3) signing officers for banking and legal documents. Two signatures will be required on all documents and cheques.

10.02   The fiscal year of the Society will be June 1 to May 31, until such time as the Executive Committee deems it necessary to change the dates of the fiscal year.

10.03   All funds of the Society must be kept on deposit in the name of the Society in a bank or financial institution registered under the Bank Act

10.04   The executive committee will prepare a budget and present it to the members for approval before the current budget expires.

10.05   Any proposed expenditure less than or equal to $500.00 and not accounted for the in the Annual budget shall first be presented to and voted upon by the executive committee. If approved it shall be reported at the next PAC meeting.

10.06   Any proposed expenditure exceeding $500.00 and not accounted for in the Annual budget shall first be presented to and voted upon by the executive committee. If approved it shall then be present to and voted upon the members at the next PAC meeting.

10.07   The Society shall have the power to borrow, raise or secure payment of money upon;

(a) Unanimous approval from the executive committee and;

(b) A special resolution passed by a majority vote of the members and:

(c) A notice to the members of a special resolution, provided according to Article 2.03. The notice must include the purpose for the funds, the amount of the financial obligation, an estimated time of satisfying the obligations and any other details pertinent to the transaction.  

10.08   The Society shall have the power to issue a debenture upon;

(a) Unanimous approval from the executive committee and;

(b) A special resolution passed by a majority vote of the members and:

(c) A notice to the members of a special resolution, provided according to Article 2.03. The notice must include the name of the borrower, the amount of the funds being requested, an estimated time of repayment and any other details pertinent to the transaction.

10.09   The executive committee shall prepare and present to the members at the AGM, a financial statement showing the income, expenditures, assets and liabilities, of the Society during the preceding fiscal year. The financial statement shall be signed by two or more members of the executive committee or by the Society’s auditor.

Article 11 – Maintenance, inspection and transfer of records

 11.01   The executive committee shall see that the minutes of any meeting and all other necessary books and records of the Society, required by the by-laws of the Society or by the applicable statute or law are regularly and properly kept.

11.02   The books and records of the Society shall be open to inspection by any member within five (5) business days, upon request.

11.03   The outgoing executive committee shall arrange for the orderly transfer of records and information, which shall include an overview of the Society’s operations, activities and all proposals for the school year, to the incoming executive committee. At least one (1) meeting will be scheduled prior to the end of the school year or within 30 days of the AGM, whichever is sooner.


Article 12 – property in documents

 12.01   All documents, records, minutes, correspondence or other papers kept by a member, executive committee member, representative or committee member in connection with the Society shall be deemed to be the property of the Society and shall be turned over to the Chair when the member, executive committee member, representative or committee member ceases to perform the task to which the papers relate.

Article 13 – address of service and location of records

 13.01   The Society’s physical address is 4710 Slocan Avenue, Vancouver, BC,  to which all communications and notices may be sent. The executive committee must ensure that all documents of the Society, including its financial records, are kept at the address of the Society.

Article 14 – altering by-laws

 14.01 by-laws of the Society may be amended at any special meeting or AGM of the Society by a special resolution adopted by three-quarters of the members present at the meeting. By-Laws which are under review shall be posted two (2) weeks prior to the meeting with the understanding that they are subject to review and final revision by the members during the special meeting or AGM.

14.02   Notice of any amendment to the by-laws shall be given in the same manner as in Article 2.03.

14.03   By-laws shall be reviewed and revised as necessary, but no less frequent that bi-annually, by a committee established by the executive committee.

Article 15 – dissolution

 15.01   The number of persons making up the executive committee shall be not less than three (3) in number and must include the positions of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. If, for a period of six (6) months these three positions are not filled the Society shall be dissolved.

15.02   In the event of winding up or dissolution of the Society, whether mandatory or voluntary, and after payment of all debts and costs of winding up or dissolution, disbursement of the assets and remaining funds of the Society shall be determined and distributed as decided upon by the members at the final PAC meeting.

15.03   In the event of winding up or dissolution, all records of the Society shall be given to the principal of Norquay Elementary School.

 These amended by by-laws adopted by Norquay Elementary School Consultative Association at Vancouver, British Columbia on ____________________________, 2013.





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