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2235 Kitchener Street, Vancouver BC V5L 2W9
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Principal:  Mr. Daniel Knibbs
Vice-Principal: Ms. Rosemary Thomas
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WALKATHON: We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations to our Walkathon and ask you to please send in your pledges by November 30.  Once all pledges are in we can order the Walkathon Tshirts for those who made donations of $60.00+.

Nov.18 Div.5 Templeton Pool Swim
Nov.21 Kindergarten Hearing Screening
Nov.24 Poetry Night Cafe, Div.11 6:30-7:00pm
Nov.25 PAC Silent Auction
Nov.28 & 30  Div.3 Jr. Achievement (Our Business World Program)



We are pleased to announce that PRO-CAN Construction Group will be commencing construction of the Nelson Replacement School on the gravel playfield on the east side of the school site, starting Monday November 21st.

Unique features of the new facility are the design of ‘21st Century Learning’ communities and ‘state of the art’ facility.  We are grateful to the project team and all those individuals who contributed their time and ideas to make a truly innovative new school. 

The project is divided into 3 phases.  The estimated duration of the first phase of construction is 20 months and the school will move into the new facility September 2018. 

In the second phase, the existing facility will be demolished over the summer of 2018; and in the third phase a new playfield and play areas will be re-instated during the fall and winter, finishing up sometime in the spring of 2019.

If there are any inquiries regarding this undertaking please don’t hesitate to contact the school. Please click on this llink Nelson Site Access.pdfNelson Site Access.pdf   (Site Access Plan for your use), showing safe access to the school over the course of Phase 1 of construction.​  


The Vancouver School Board is pleased to announce VSB2021, a highly collaborative process to develop a new Strategic Plan for the school district. This project focuses on the District’s core goals of teaching and learning to support student achievement and well-being. The updated plan will provide a clear framework for action over the next 5 years, and they need your input to get it right! Please read.
BC Curriculum Letter to Parents
Please click on this link to read the letter regarding the Ministry of Education’s three-year plan to transition to a new curriculum—the plan that maps out what teachers teach and what students are expected to learn.  BC Curriculum Letter to Parents Sept 2015.pdfBC Curriculum Letter to Parents Sept 2015.pdf

If you are looking for a great birthday gift idea please consider “Nelson ROAR” gear! It’s a great way to keep spreading school spirit and our Code of Conduct throughout the year. Happy Shopping!
ROAR clothing order form.pdf
Please be mindful of the parking and traffic regulations around the school. Parking is limited at Lord Nelson. There is a small parking lot west of the grass field which can be accessed from Charles Street. We encourage NOT parking in front of residential homes. Although the speed bumps and traffic calming closures have helped reduce the speed of many drivers, we are still concerned about the safety of our students.  Please be mindful of the traffic rules and regulations around the school when you pick up and drop off your children.  Please be respectful of the rules when you stop and/or park, such as not blocking safety lanes, parking in NO PARKING zones beside the school field, thereby blocking traffic from passing.  Also, please ensure that you drop off and pick up students on the right side of the road for their safety.  The City By-law Traffic Attendants will be enforcing the rules more vigilantly over the next few months, as they often do during school opening.  Please follow these guidelines for dropping off and picking up students at Nelson school. 

Parking Map_jpg.gif


  Grandview Woodland Community Health Contact 2015.pdfGrandview Woodland Community Health Contact 2015.pdf 

Information about Immunizations  ​​​​​​​Kindergarten Program Information click here​​​​


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