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Lord Nelson School                                                            Garibaldi Annex
2235 Kitchener Street                                                         1025 Slocan Street
Vancouver, B.C.   V5L 2W9                                                 Vancouver, B.C. V5K 3Y2
Ph: 604-713-4595                                                                  Ph: 604-713-4740 or Fax: 604-713-4742
Daniel Knibbs                                                                     
Phone: 604-713-4595                                                            

Rosemary Thomas
Phone: 604-713-4595

District Primary Autism Program: 604-713-5889
Nelson Strong Start: 604-713-4595 (local 2104)
Nelson Child Care Society: 604-713-5863/604-839-8190
Parking and Traffic
Please be mindful of the parking and traffic regulations around the school. Parking is limited at Lord Nelson. There is a small parking lot west of the grass field which can be accessed from Charles Street. We encourage NOT parking in front of residential homes. Although the speed bumps and traffic calming closures have helped reduce the speed of many drivers, we are still concerned about the safety of our students. Please be mindful of the traffic rules and regulations around the school when you pick up and drop off your children. Please be respectful of the rules when you stop and/or park, such as not blocking safety lanes, parking in NO PARKING zones beside the school field, thereby blocking traffic from passing. Also, please ensure that you drop off and pick up students on the right side of the road for their safety. The City By-law Traffic Attendants will be enforcing the rules more vigilantly over the next few months, as they often do during school opening. Please follow these guideliines for dropping off and picking up students at Nelson school.
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