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Staff Directory


​Enrolling Teachers Name
Division 1 (6/7) Teacher ​Jug Sidhu
Division 2 (5/6)Teacher​ ​Carly Desharnais
​Division 3 (4/5) Teacher ​Erin Scoretz
​Division 4 (3/4) Teacher ​Patricia Kenon
Division 5 (​3) Teacher ​Diane Strang
Division 6 (2/3) Teachers​ Kelly Wu/Maria Fantini
Division 7 (1/2) Teacher​ Michelle Martin
​Division 8 (1/2) Teacher ​Allison Harper
​Division 9 (1) Teacher ​Shannon Fontaine
​Division 10(K) Teacher ​Janet Feng
​Division 11(K) Teacher ​Linh Liu
​Division 12(K) Teacher ​Teala Mackowetsky
Support Staff Role Name​
Principal​ Darren Mitzel
Office Admin Assistant​ ​Linda Au
Resource Teacher​ Karen Husak
​Resource Teacher​ ​Sonia Pietzsch
​Resource Teacher​ Kelly Wu
Teacher Librarian/Resource Teacher​ ​Annabelle Pendry
Music Teacher​ ​Maria Fantini
School and Student Support Worker​ ​Marisa Dikeakos
​School and Student Support Worker​​ ​Jen Prasol/TBA
​School and Student Support Worker​​ ​Lori Haeber
School and Student Support Worker Kaylea Hamaguchi
​School and Student Support Worker​​ ​Jacquie Stanford
​School and Student Support Worker​​ ​Susanna Gibbs/Lisa Lambert
​School and Student Support Worker​​ ​Cynthia Schadt
​School and Student Support Worker ​Janet Lopehandia
​Aboriginal Enhancement Worker Carmen Helin
​School Counselor Danielle Hobbs
​Youth and Family Worker ​Patti McVey
​Strong Start ​Isette Alfardperez
​Supervision Aide ​Lucy Alvarez
​​Supervision Aide ​May Fu
​​Supervision Aide ​Jasmine Wang
​Custodial Engineer ​William Bacani (days)
​Custodial Engineer ​Pepe Cinense (evenings)