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Parent Advisory Council

The Maquinna PAC is an active group of parent volunteers who go the distance in helping to support not just their own child's educational experience, but that of all students at Maquinna.  They fundraise and help support the school in accomplishing our goals for the year.  They further help to shape the vision and direction a school takes as well as they assist in providing special resources for classroom teachers.  The PAC is a committed group of parents who are truly a valued and dedicated partner in their child(ren)'s education.  Any parent of a child at Maquinna is automatically a member of PAC. The Executive is always looking for new members who are interested in becoming involved in the school. Please contact the school for more details. ​

Why you should come to PAC meetings:
1.  Its a great way to meet new friends.  Socialize with other parents and staff and feel connected to the school culture.
2.  Learn new information that you may not normally have ready access to
3.  Let your voice be heard... have some input... share some ideas about schooling and the key issues at our school
4.  Enhance your child's educational experience
5.  Find out how you can become involved in helping or running school events

We raised funds to build an intermediate playground which was completed in 2009
We raised funds to build a primary playground which was completed in 2012
The PAC provides hot lunch school-wide fund-raiser on Tuesdays and Thursday beginning in October
We have organized many successful annual Chinese New Year Celebrations
The PAC provides on-going funding to the school and sponsors numerous school events and programs

Chairperson- De Ding E-mail​
Treasurer-Gary Soo E-mail
Secretary- Ilka Strang E-mail​
Hot Lunch Coordinator- Rose Wong/