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Math 8 Honours (2019-2020) Placement Exam Results

Congratulations to the following students who have been accepted to Magee's Mathematics 8 Honours course for 2019-2020.

Your counsellor will add Mathematics 8 Honours to your timetable.  You do NOT need to contact your counsellor to do so.  Ms. Quan has shared this list with your counsellor.

Abe, Hiromi
Andres, Everett
Botting, Samuel
Chan, Stanley
Chen, Lily
Chen, Yanyang
Chuy, Jason
Fox, Athene
Guo, Brian
Hang, Flora
H.R. Zandbergen, Sofia
Jordan, Andrew
Koo, Daniel
Koshan, Sadie
Kostiw, Adam
Lee, Aidan
Lee, Zienna
Lewis, Julian
Lin, Mia
Mah, Kenzie
Majdolashrafi, Saba
Mohtadi, Maxwell
Ou, Jason
Qian, Jason
Scharfe, Siena
Seto, Emma
Shuen, Christopher
Wu, Jason
Yeung, Brendan
Yie, Braden