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Math 8 Honours (2018-2019) Results

The following students have been selected for Magee Secondary's Math 8 Honours course for 2018-2019.  Thank you to all students who wrote the Placement Exam and Gauss 7.  There was a huge interest this year for the Math 8 Honours course. If you were not selected for Math 8 Honours for September, we encourage you to try for the Mathematics 9/10 Honours course for 2019/2020 school year.

Congratulations to the following students:

Audric C
Nathan C
Brendan D
Ira G
Grace H
Cameron J
Soren K
Ariane L
Chloe L
Jacob L
Livia L
Shohei L
Sid M
Stella M
Eric O
Brayden S
Megan T
Sophie T
Yue Yue T
Joshua W
Rachel W
Michelle W
Alex Y
Athena Y
Anna Z
Melody Z
Nickolas Z