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Grade 12 News:
This Information Website is up and running with more updates, info every day.  This is the place where you will find information on scholarships, PSI dates, Admission questions etc. :
VSB Career Info Blog:
There is also an additional twitter feed.  @VSB_CareerInfo . Besides the direct web information. Please  check out the twitter feed.  You will find volunteer opportunities that may not be on the website because of the short timelines.  Many of these volunteer opportunities will benefit students greatly.
Scholarship information:
Go to the “scholarship tab” to check out information about awards/scholarships etc.   
Also visit:
Another reason to use twitter -  as each new scholarship comes up it gets tweeted first!

UBC and Online Courses
December 16, 2016
Dear Grade 12s:
Just for clarification about when online courses need to be completed as per below. 
For UBC, yes, the deadline on the website to complete online courses which will be used for admission purposes only, must be completed by February 1 as written on the UBC website.  However, it does take time for the Distance Learning Schools to mark and prepare your marks and so just be mindful and perhaps check with your Distance Learning provider to verify when you should be done in order to have the marks submitted on time by February 1.
See below from UBC:
Policy on summer school, night school, online courses & correspondence courses If a student plans to take Distributed Learning courses (e.g., online courses, distance learning, or courses at another school) to meet UBC requirements, they must list these in the Academic Profile section of the UBC application. USED TO CALCULATE A COMPETITIVE ADMISSION AVERAGE Courses must complete by February 1; and The Distributed Learning school must submit the final grade in time for UBC to evaluate the students application
Mrs. Tanabe
KPU Richmond Open House
Date: Friday, October 21
Time: 11am-3pm
Join us at KPU Richmond, in the heart of beautiful Richmond, BC and right on the Canada Line Skytrain, to learn about our exciting and diverse program offerings. We’re thrilled to share our many university Arts, Science and Business courses, our innovative Design programs, and our brand new Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture program. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit this growing campus, check out the wide range of university courses and programs we offer here, and meet our talented and committed faculty! Our doors are open and we look forward to seeing you - in your very own neighborhood.

 Attention Grade l2 International Students applying to the University of Toronto:
Please check out the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program at
Each school is allowed to nominate ONE student. 
If you qualify and would like your name to be considered, please see Mrs. Tanabe by Thursday, October 20, no later than 3:15PM