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2016/2017 Scholarship Opportunities
This bulletin is intended only as a guide. You are reminded to frequently check both The Scholarship Board and binder located in the Counselling Department as well as various websites to verify that information is accurate and current. Please pay attention to deadlines and be mindful to prepare your information in a timely manner as discussed with your counsellor.
Below are examples of some of scholarships and awards that have been posted.
Name                                                                                      Due  Date                                                               
Loran Scholarships                                                  School Sponsored : October 18.
                                                                                  Direct Pool : October 25
Horatio Alger                                                                                October 25
*The U of Toronto National Book Award                                        November 1
*School nominated: (criteria- U o T applicant, superior Involvement in school activities, demonstrates creativity and superior academic achievement) Letter of Intent and Resume to Mrs. Lercher   *by October 19
TD Scholarship for Community Leadership                                 November 17.
*Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship                               November 30
*School nominated criteria -International students submit Resume and Letter of Intent to Mrs. Lercher                                                                                                            *by October 16
National Scholarship Program                                                     November 3
UBC’s Centennial Scholars Entrance Award                               December 1
Schulich Leader Scholarship                                                        February 22,2018
  *School nominated: (check criteria)
Letter of Intent and Resume to Mrs. Lercher                                                            *by December 19, 2017
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award                                                   February 1, 2018           
Where Can I Look For Scholarships?
Useful websites: