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2015-2016 Juvenile Boys



The juvenile boys basketball team experienced a growing season. Challenged to do without the commanding post presence of last year’s team leader Ethan Fung, who played up with the juniors this season, the boys adopted a run-and-gun style of play, founded on stifling defence and quick passing. Bringing new life to the group were the determined Quinn Johnston, talented grade 8 Tony Yue, along with the rebounding spark of Ngozi Asiegbu.

The team competed in three tournaments, going undefeated at Eric Hamber and finishing 2ndat New Westminster. After struggling at Sutherland’s tournament in North Vancouver, the team came together to close out the regular season with a four-game winning streak, including a rematch victory against rivals Kitsilano Blue Demons. Every player contributed to this run, as the team earned a 7-3 record in the regular season, good for 3rd in Vancouver’s west division.

In the first round of the playoffs, the boys worked hard against a quick Windermere team, the 2nd ranked team from Vancouver’s eastside, holding a lead against a barrage of 3-pointers by the Warriors, but fell short in the dying minutes in their bid to make the city championships. Their season came to an end with an overall record of 14 wins and 11 losses, finishing 6th in the city playoffs. Regardless of the outcome of each game, the boys demonstrated fair play and learned the value of teamwork.

Crucial to the team’s success were the contributions of managers Lulu Wang, Mia Hua, Cinya Li, Margaux Arboleda, Kimberly Payba, Alvina Leung and manager/practice-player Cameron Hong-Tai. Thank you to everyone who supported the team this year.


​Ping-Chi Chin ​5
Andrew Yang 6
Kyle Cheung 7
Masih Golbidi 8 / 15​
Adam Wang 9​​
Brendan Chia 11 / 10​
​Ngozi Asiegbu 12 / 21​
Arushan Varatharajah​ 13
Hardy Liu 14
​Quinn Johnston 20
Gurlabh Dosanjh​ 32
Tony Yue​ 33
Hazara Jawanda 34
Brian Wilson​ Coach​
Margaux Arboleda Manager
Cameron Hong-Tai Manager​​
​Mia Hua Manager​
Alvina Leung Manager
​Cinya Li Manager​
Kimberly Payba Manager
Lulu Wang Manager


​VS. - HOME / @ - AWAY
​November 9,10,12,13 tryouts​
​November 16,17,18,19 practice​
​November 23 vs. McNair 4:00pm (scrimmage)​
​November 24,27 ​practice
​November 30 vs. Eric Hamber 3:45pm (scrimmage)​
​December 1 @ Eric Hamber tournament
3:30pm vs. Eric Hamber
7:15pm vs. David Thompson
​December 2 @ Eric Hamber tournament
4:45pm vs. ​Hugh Boyd
​December 4 practice
​December 7,8 ​practice
​December 9 vs. Winston Churchill​ 4:00pm
​December 11 practice​
​December 14 vs. Prince of Wales​ 4:00pm
​December 15,16,17 ​practice
​January 4,6,7 ​practice
​January 8 @ Richmond​
​January 11 @ Kitsilano​ 4:00pm
​January 12 ​practice
​January 14 @ New Westminster tournament​
6:30pm vs. New Westminster
​January 15 @ New Wesminster tournament
3:30pm vs. Holy Cross
6:30pm vs. St. Thomas More
​January 18 @ University Hill​ 4:00pm
​January 19 ​practice
​January 20 ​@ King George 4:00pm
​January 22 ​practice
​January 25 @ Winston Churchill​ 4:00pm
​January 28 practice​
​January 29 @ Sutherland tournament
5:00pm vs. Sutherland
​January 30 @ Sutherland tournament
8:30am vs. West Vancouver
3:00​pm vs. Carson Graham
​February 1 @ Prince of Wales​ 4:00pm
​February 2 practice​
​February 3 vs. Kitsilano​ 4:00pm
​February 5 practice​
​February 9 practice​
​February 10 vs. University Hill​ 4:00pm
​February 11 practice​
​February 15 ​vs. King George 4:00pm
​February 16,17,19 ​practice
​February 22 practice​
​February 23,24,25 City Championships @ Kitsilano