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Student Website Bios

President - Malcolm Gutenburg
My name is Malcolm Gutenburg and this is my 5th year on student council. The mission of student council is to raise school spirit and allow students to have a fun break from their studies. As president I lead a group of 20 hardworking individuals who each have specialized talents and responsibilities, as we plan activities and events for the whole school. I initially joined Student Council in Grade 8 because I loved helping out and creating a fun atmosphere for students to enjoy at Magee, and still value those same ideas today. Student Council has been a great way for me to meet new people, and to create friendships with people I would have never met otherwise. It is every members’ goal to help everyone enjoy their time at Magee, and be able to leave Magee in June with a smile on their faces.
Vice President – Isobel Fishman
Hey Magee! My name is Isobel Fishman and I’m the Vice-President of the 2015/16
Students’ Council. I have been a member on Students’ Council since Grade 9 and have
loved every moment. Some of my fondest memories of Students’ Council include our
bonding retreats at Kerrisdale Arena, dressing up for twin day, and winning sports day
two years in a row! When I’m not decorating the atrium with halloween decorations or
sorting candy grams after school, you can find me on the soccer pitch. I love to play
soccer and am always proud to wear our bright red jerseys and cheer “Lions on two!”.
My favourite thing about Magee is most definitely the people. In the five years I’ve been
here I’ve had amazing teachers, met incredible people, and made amazing friends. I am
truly grateful for my time spent on Students’ Council and look forward to the rest of a
memorable grad year.
Treasurer – Alvin Balmes
Hi there, I’m Alvin Balmes and I’m Magee’s Treasurer for this school year. This is my first time on Students’ Council. It has been a busy year, almost hectic at times, but the experience the students get from our events makes it all worth it. I joined Students’ Council with two intentions. I wanted to break out of my comfort zone by doing more than just sports and participating in school events. Council presented me with the opportunity to challenge myself, so I took it. The main reason I ran for Students’ Council was that I wanted to give back to student body that has helped me develop and progress into the person I am today. Council allowed me to be involved in providing numerous opportunities that promote LION PRIDE and allow for the same development and growth that I experienced throughout my time at Magee. The experience of being able to interact with such a talented group and give back to the school made representing the students as this year’s Treasurer an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.
Secretary – Betsy Fu
Hey, I am Betsy,the student council secretary. My duty includes organizing school events, ensuring student council meetings are effectively organized and minuted, and maintaining records of attendance and service hours.
Infinite thank to all the Magee Lions that all of you have made wonderful, remarkable and memorable years. I really enjoyed serving the students for two consecutive years. Be a part of the student council is my greatest treasures, and be a member of the executives is totally a different experience:))
Communications – Gaurav Varshneya
FACT: ​I’m the quietest member of my family. It’s true. For them, it’s normal to yell across the house carrying out a full conversation. At home, for me to be heard over the obnoxiously loud voices of my sister and parents, I have to shout. So naturally I became loud as well. Some say too loud but eh... I can’t hear ‘em. It’s the strangest feeling to talk into a mic that projects your voice through the entire school. When I mess up, in my head I’m like “okay, this is fine, no one can hear me,” but then I realize over 1,200 people are listening to me (well, probably like 20) and then I’m like “Oh snap!” (Okay maybe I don’t actually say snap). “There is nothing so annoying as to have two people go right on talking when you’re interrupting.” Thanks for letting me interrupt your conversations all year
Tech Rep – Jacob Urbanowski
I’m Jacob Urbanowski and I’m the Tech Representative on your Students’ Council.
Wait what’s a Tech Rep? Well, let me tell you. Basically everything : ). I know that seems like a lot, but its true! If it involves plugging things in or anything with cables or sound or lights for performances, I’m there behind the scenes getting it working and running it smoothly. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds. : )
Being in Students’ Council and being in Magee is truly an amazing experience. I’m so grateful for being in Magee and for being in the group of students that that are truly passionate about their work.
 I hope that everyone has had a great year and I’ll see you next year Magee!
Athletic Rep – Brendan Szeto
I am in Grade 12 and enjoy playing sports. At Magee, I am the Sports Representative on the Student Council. In my final year of high school I saw being apart of student council one of the best ways for me to give back to the community that helped me throughout my journey at Magee.My passion to play sports and take part in school activities inspired me to become the Sports Representative. Playing sports has been a big part of my life and I wanted the students at Magee to have the same experience I did. I wanted to create a place for them to play with passion and feel the same excitement I do every time they step onto the court, field, or rink. My favourite part about Magee is the people, without them it just wouldn’t be the same.
Grade 8 Rep – Amy Liu
Hey! I am Amy, one of your student reps for grade 8. I am even shocked that I managed to get past the first week ALIVE and look at how far already are. High school isn’t as scary as some of us think (ME) and to be honest, its pretty fun…. Minus the homework, stress and getting lost in such a big school, I may or may not have lost my way like 100 times, but you get what I mean right? Everyone in grade 8 will probably have stressed out about the same things so just to let you know, we get you. Go be brave and discover yourself and JUST DO IT (pun intended hahaha I am so funny….). OH MER GAWD, I know I sound so cheesy but literally. I hope to get to get to know everyone and go ahead to say hi to me in the halls so I look like I have friends but seriously, it isn’t awkward because if anything, I’d say I’m awkward… Well you get the message right?
Grade 8 Rep – Josh Harris
Hey, my name is Josh, and I am the 8th Grade representative on student council. I love competitive debate, public speaking, gaming, and napping. I am a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan and my all-time favorite book is “hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.” I also love the original Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Avengers. I joined student council because I am very ambitious, and I want to make a difference in the world and in my school. I have really enjoyed working along side everyone this year and am thankful for the time here in which I’ve learned a ton. I’m trying to reach the word count here, so I will finish off by saying that I am so glad for such awesome group of students and leaders to work with.
Grade 9 Rep – Hadas Klinger
Hi! I’m Hadas Klinger, and this is my second year being a grade representative. I love fries, youtube, and stepping on crunchy leaves. Most importantly, I love being a part of student council. I get to watch the joy on my peer’s faces when I give them free hot chocolate and hand out free candy. I feared high school before I came to Magee, and Student Council helped me get over my fears. The crucial thing I’ve learned from high school (so far) is to keep staying positive because it doesn’t matter how many bad days you’ve had, it’s the good ones that you will cherish. If you've had the patience to read up to this point, thank you, and have a nice day.
Grade 9 Rep – Masih Golbidi
My name is Masih Golbidi. This is my second year in council as grade rep, although I hope to take on another position next year. I like playing basketball, however I play volleyball and soccer during the off season. Aubrey Graham is my fav artist. I can't think of much else to say about myself but if you ever want to know anything about me feel free to ask.
Grade 10 Rep -  Jeff Guo
Hi Magee Students, I am Jeff Guo, one of your grade 10 representatives. I chose to join  student council because we all wanted beneficial changes around the school. My job as grade 10 rep, is to represent grade 10 students in council meetings and vote for proposals that would make our school years better. I still remembered promising fun events, more drinks in Lion's den and maybe a vending machine on the 3rd floor. I didn't just forget my promises, but unfortunately they are all out of my ability to fulfill (All Rejected). Anyways, I have a lot of fun experiences in student council and I hope to see more of you guys in council next year.
Grade 10 Rep -  Michelle Lin
Hey Magee! I'm Michelle and I'm one of the grade 10 representatives this year. This is my first year in council and I already love everything about it. Why? Well You get so many opportunities to give back to the school and help others. My favourite event has to be, the pumpkin carving. My favourite thing about Magee is our fourth floor swimming pool. Wait no it's our really cool air conditioning full lockers..wait thats not it. Its actually the people here. I love the way our school shows spirit, in all the events throughout the year. That's what makes Magee different.
Grade 11 Rep – Vakshan Varatharajah
Whats up Magee Lions! My name is Vakshan Varatharajah and I am one of the Grade 11 Student Reps here at Magee. Joining Student Council was actually one of my goals coming into high school. I was a very timid kid when I was growing up so joining Student Council has helped me open up a lot to my peers and I am grateful for the many friends that I have. My favourite part about Magee is how active we are in terms of clubs and fundraising to even participating in our school wide events. I truly believe that if hadn’t gone to Magee I would gotten even more timid so I am grateful to have gone to Magee. In my spare time, you can either find me playing volleyball or ultimate with my friends.  
Grade 11 Rep – Renite Gosal
My name is Renite Gosal, and I am one of the grade 11-student representatives. In grade eight we were all quite nervous about high school. We were trying to make friends, study hard and find ourselves amidst the chaos. Now, in grade 11 we are trying to figure out what to do with our entire lives. My only advice is to not freak out, but to try new things. We may not all know what we want to do, but we mustn't worry. We have our whole lives ahead of us. Immerse yourself. Try everything and anything that mildly interests you. I joined 5 clubs this year and at times it can be stressful, but it has taught me so much about myself. I know that whatever any of you do, it will be great. I was very nervous about running for student council, but what I love about our grade is that we welcome everyone. It is reassuring to know that I am in a grade full of kind, unique, helpful and clever people. Thank you grade 11s for being such a wonderful grade, and thank you for letting me represent you in student council!
Grade 12 Rep – Jason Fan
Magee is an environment where every everyone has the potential to be great by discovering their talents to overcome the most intimidating obstacles. I've been a student at Magee for almost five years and nothing has made my highschool experience better than joinging clubs, sports team, and other programs. I was on the volleyball team from grade 9 to 12, currently the president of the Magee Magic Club, and grade 12 representative. As one of the grade 12 representatives and a member of student council at Magee, I am responsible for planning and hosting school events such as Christmas karaoke and pumpkin carving competitions. Being on student council, we strive to make each day at Magee more memorable than the last.
Grade 12 Rep – Matthew Jang
Hello, my name is Matthew Jang and I am one of the Grade 12 Representatives here at Magee.  Some say I have a quirky sense of  humour as I enjoy terrible jokes and puns.  My favourite sport is Ice Hockey, but I also enjoy playing a variety of other sports such as Ball Hockey, Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee.  I think it is also worth mentioning that I love a variety of music all the way from the 1960s to present day!
 As one of the Grade 12 Representatives, it is my duty to make sure the graduating students opinions and ideas are voiced in Student Council meetings and are taken into consideration when planning events, so that our final year is a memorable one.
 What makes Magee special is the supportive community that we have.  There are many ways for students to express their thoughts and to get support if needed.  Whether it’s talking to a staff member or your Peer Councilors.  Just know that you are not alone.
Finally, I have a tip for all the students at Magee.  Do not procrastinate, especially in Grade 12!  Due tomorrow does not mean do tomorrow!  Trust me! 
VDSC – Elyssa Hunter
I'm Elyssa, one of your Vancouver District Students' Council (better known as VDSC) reps. I am involved in the Magee community in many ways, one of which is obviously Students' Council (my favourite). Other than that, I am a member of the Global Connections Club, the Peer Tutoring Club and the Service Equality Environment Club. I also founded a new club at Magee this year--the Animal Rights Club. This club has given me the opportunity to reach out to the young activists of Magee and encourage them to continue being voices for the voiceless. Outside of school, I train in ballet and singing. In both of these, I work towards competitions and examinations. In my free time, when I'm not drowning in homework, I pursue my interests which include cooking, baking, writing, reading, blogging, fashion, shopping, yoga, fitness and spending time with my amazing friends and family.
VDSC – Dayle Balmes
Hey there! I’m Dayle in Grade 10 and I am one of your VDSC Reps! This is my third year in Council and I keep running because I love working the people in Council and I get to make a positive contribution to the school. My favorite event is Sports Day because tons of people come together to compete and have fun. Volleyball is my main hobby. I was a setter in Grade 8 and a Libero in Grade 9. I didn’t play this year because of personal reasons, but you’ll see me serving up a storm on the court next year wink emoticon I love Magee because of how nice the building is! Magee’s building is really nice compared to other high schools in Vancouver. What I’ve noticed about my grade is that we represent the school pretty well in terms of athletics. Our grade performs well in Basketball and Volleyball. The Grade 10s are also well represented in Council because there are 2 extra exec members making a grand total of 4 Grade 10 council members. So yeah, thanks for reading this little blurb about me!
Sustainibility – Shayla Brewer
Hello friends of Magee! My name is Shayla Brewer and I’m the 2015-2016 Sustainability Representative. My role is all about helping and ensuring Magee’s community takes care of the environment! Being sustainable means we can live our lives to the fullest but at the same time ensure that future generations can do the same. I enjoy walking through Magee’s bright hallways and saying hi to the people around me! I’m involved in the Drama program as a member of Mainstage, our theatre company, and also as the executive producer for Players’, our junior drama club. I’m also a peer counselor. I enjoy biking to and from school (on most days). I’m a fan of recycled art and new technologies that improve our standard of living while at the same time help improve our environment, which explains how I love to embody the slogan of reduce, reuse and recycle! I’m so lucky to be a part of an amazing community at Magee where I’ve been able to discover and explore my passions.