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Registration Information

For general information on student registration procedures and dates, please visit VSB Website: District Registration Information.​  
Important Information for Parents/Guardians regarding the Grade 7 Application Procedures
In-boundary Grade 7 students attending Maple Grove, McKechnie, or David Lloyd George Elementary schools will be given a personalized application form in mid-January when Magee staff visit Grade 7 classrooms in January 2018.  Students are asked to return the completed form to their Grade 7 teacher.  The elementary schools will return the application forms to Magee.  
For In-boundary Grade 7 students attending other VSB elementary schools, the personalized application form will be sent to the Principal for distribution.  Students are asked to return the completed form to the Principal or directly to the Magee office.  
For Out of Boundary Grade 7 students attending catchment and non-catchment elementary schools, parents/guardians are asked to complete and submit all required cross boundary documents to the Magee office before the February 28th deadline. Cross Boundary application forms are available at the elementary school office; Magee Grade 8 registration forms are available on the Magee website.


2018-2019 GRADE 7 Articulation Handbook Magee.pdf
1/9/2018 1:43 PMNo presence informationAlec MacInnes
Course Selection Form 2018-2019.pdf
1/8/2018 10:47 AMNo presence informationAlec MacInnes
Grade 8 Application Timeline, 2018-2019.pdf
1/9/2018 11:00 AMNo presence informationAlec MacInnes
Instrument Band Selection for Grade 8 Enrollment.pdf
1/24/2018 12:42 PMNo presence informationMichelle Wood
Registration Documents 2018 - 2019.pdf
1/8/2018 2:57 PMNo presence informationAlec MacInnes
VBE Application Form.pdf
10/23/2017 2:39 PMNo presence informationKelly Egilsson