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Interested in auditioning for Mainstage?  Packages will be available from Ms. Byrne after Spring Break.  

You MUST be accepted to Magee in order to audition.

Email with any questions.


Mainstage is an intensive acting and production program in the senior years of Drama ​at Magee. 

Mainstage students become members of a production company with students playing a variety of roles as actor, director, and technician.  A wide range of productions usually includes comedies, dramas, musicals, and children’s touring programs.  In addition, students have extensive​ exposure to field professionals, workshops, festivals, and conferences.

Magee Mainstage puts special emphasis on orienting students to post-secondary programs and the profession through career counselling and audition coaching.​  Mainstage is a two-year program, which gives credit for two courses in each year.

Grade 11: TPA11, and TPDS11 or TPR11 or TPDS11
Grade 12: TPA12, and TPDS12 or TPRT 12 or TPRM 12

Prerequisite: A strong background in Drama is required.  Enrollment is limited and depends on an audition and the student’s specialization.  Magee Mainstage is an intensive production program for serious acting students and those who seek a challenge beyond that usually offered at the secondary level.  The highest standards of work and dedication are required.


C A B A R E T sally.jpgC A B A R E T emcee.jpgC A B A R E T soilder.jpg

Tickets available through Ms. Byrne or by clicking on any of the posters.  Watch this space for more information!  The show dates are Apr 27, 28 and May 4 and 5, 2017.

Mainstage's last show was Shipwreck: two evenings of One Act Plays.  Enjoy a few photos from Francesca Pojas of the last dress rehearsal.












ONE ACTS version two.jpg

We have just finished the first show of our 2016-2017 season:  The Grade 8 Show.  Enjoy some pictures from our in-house photographer, Francesca Pojas.







_MG_8984 (1).jpg



Legally Blonde was a huge success.  Please enjoy some amazing photos from our final dress rehearsals by Adele Lewin.

Legally Blonde Poster 3.png
Legally Blonde_009_web.jpg
Legally Blonde_132_web.jpg

Legally Blonde_163_web.jpg
Legally Blonde_070_web.jpg
Legally Blonde_184_web.jpg
Legally Blonde_087_web.jpg

Legally Blonde_217_web.jpg

Legally Blonde_088_web.jpg

Legally Blonde_096_web.jpg

Legally Blonde_274_web.jpg

Legally Blonde_252_web.jpg

Legally Blonde_112_web.jpg
Legally Blonde_116_web.jpg

Legally Blonde_306_web.jpg