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    Thinking About Core Competencies - Student Led Interviews

    May 12, 2017

    On May 17th and June 14th, Magee will be hosting interviews with grade 8 and 9 students about the progress on their Core Competencies.  An interview with a teacher at Magee has been set for each student.  This interview will be informal.  It will be an opportunity for the students to check in with an educator at Magee on how they are doing with their work on one area of our Core Competency curricula.  Students have had an opportunity to prepare for this interview over the past week in their Physical Education class.  For our SPARTS students, they have been given a work sheet in their curricular classes.

    As you may know, the Core Competencies are to be self-assessed by students.  We want our students to be life long learners.  This isn't about a check list or an exam that may be forgotten.  It is about checking in with how you're doing, making plans to improve, looking at evidence to see if you did it, and being acknowledged for thoughtful work!

    All students do have a worksheet that is helping them prepare.  This document is not meant to be handed in.  It is a tool to assist students with their thinking.  If you would like to see more documents on our BC Ed's Core Competencies, you can go to our Ministry website at:​.