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Student Clubs

The Mackenzie Me to We club is very excited to introduce you to a special fundraiser that will be starting on Wednesday January 21st and ending on Friday February 13th.
It is part of the 'We Create Change' campaign run by the organization 'Free the Children'. Every toonie you bring in will go towards buying goats for adopt a village families overseas. 
Why goats, you may ask?
It starts with your loose change. Every $50 raised will buy a goat for a family in need. The goat will provide the family with nutritious milk and cheese and enough money to provide them with a brighter future. 
Remember, the more goats per family, the better! Also, a herd of goats will allow a woman to start a strong and stable farm business at home so that her children can go to school. We hope to buy 18 goats. That means one goat per division.
Each division will have a plastic bag for their toonies.  A student representative will deliver and pick up your toonies.
Ready, Set…….GOat!!!!