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Inquiry Projects

The Spirals of Inquiry for equity and quality (by Halbert and Kaser) provides a set of questions that will guide our inquiries as we explore the effective integration of mobile devices to deepen learning.


Inquiry Questions:

Beaconsfield Elementary

spiral25.gifWhat happens to student learning/ engagement when we use learning technologies (iPads) to introduce the new curriculum?

Hastings Elementary

spiral25.gif What happens to student learning/ engagement when we use learning technologies (iPads) to introduce the new curriculum?

​Laurier Elementary

spiral25.gif What strategies can we use to help our struggling readers in Kindergarten/ Grade 1?

L'Ecole Bilingue

spiral25.gif How do we create activities/centres regarding 5 aspects of the math curriculum including technology to better meet the students' needs? 

Lord Elementary

spiral25.gif What are the most effective literacy practices we can develop/use/adapt to enhance literacy for all students but especially for struggling learners?  

McBride Elementary

spiral25.gif How can we use iPads to facilitate an understanding and knowledge of science and social studies concepts?


Sexsmith Elementary

spiral25.gif How will students use iPads to gather and share information visually, orally as well as in written format? How do we establish create and provide diagnostic assessment to help drive suitable and level appropriate instruction in Primary?  How best to use and share our diagnostic tools and results with our colleagues to provide on-time just right instruction for students?  

Simon Fraser Elementary

spiral25.gif How can we make documentation more authentic, realistic and efficient in the classroom and use it to assess learning for purposes of adjusting instruction and sharing with families?  

Tecumseh Elementary

spiral25.gif How will the use of technology (iPad, laptop, apple TV) impact student learning? Our focus: project-based learning and aboriginal enhancement. Will student engagement increase when students are given choice of topics in PBL and the teachers collaborate with each other and with an Ab Ed consultant?  

Templeton Secondary

spiral25.gif How's student learning affected by adopting a BYOT (Bring your own technology) practice? 

University Hill Secondary

spiral25.gif How can the social studies department facilitate the use of BYOD in the classroom?

Weir Elementary

spiral25.gif How do we have students use their own electronic devices to engage in meaningful inquiry learning that is focused on the core competencies of the new curriculum?  Will the students ability to self-regulate, self-assess and understand others to improve?

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