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Office 365 for Education

Office 365 is available for Staff and Students to use for collaboration, information sharing, and to download / install copies of the Microsoft Office software and mobile apps on their personally owned computers and mobile devices.

​Some of the tools that are included with Office 365: 

  • Word Online
  • Excel Online
  • PowerPoint Online
  • OneNote Online--flexible note taking (see ideas here: staff notebookfor teachers)
  • Outlook Online -- email for students
    • Email addresses are created as described here:
      • ​The student’s fi​rst name plus the first initial of their last name plus the last 4-digits of their student ID and forms the student’s email address
      •  Example: Sarah Brown (student #332597) would have the email address
    • ​If the email address is already in use, the last 5-digits of the student # will be used
    • Students can locate their email address by clicking their name in the top-right corner of the Office 365 page (when they are logged in).
  • OneDrive, online cloud document/file storage space
  • Forms - Privacy Alert: content stored outside Canada, avoid the inclusion of personally identifiable information
  • Office Video (like YouTube) - Privacy Alert: content stored outside Canada, avoid the inclusion of personally identifiable information
  • Sway (simple visual presentations) - Privacy Alert: content stored outside Canada, avoid the inclusion of personally identifiable information​
  • Delve, your dashboard to documents, people, and information important to you
  • SharePoint Sites
  • More guidance for teachers​
It is important to emphasize that the VSB uses a version of Office 365 that is located in Canada.  All information is stored on Canadian servers (some exceptions apply, see above) and is secure (encrypted). Access is controlled by you and the school district.


Some ideas for how Office 365 can support your work: 
  • Create and store documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and notes (OneNote) online so they are available on any device from anywhere
  • Invite colleagues and/or students to collaboratively view or edit documents and notes
  • Create a OneNote notebook with a set of pages to support a professional learning event, a school meeting, or a brainstorming session where staff have the ability to collectively contribute their input and ideas
  • Create and administer an online survey or form
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation on a computer, store it in OneDrive, and present it using an iPhone over AirPlay to an AppleTV and projector/monitor

Login to Office 365:

To access Office 365 go to and login with your VSB user id and password.  Employees should enter their VSB and students should enter their

On the opening webpage you will see various tools; however the best place to start is with OneDrive (cloud storage of documents) and OneNote (a note-taking tool).

Free Software is available:

From the Office 365 home page, you can download and install up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office applications software on home/personal computers (Windows and Mac).  You can also install the Office apps on up to 5 personal mobile (iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) devices.

Questions and Support:

If you have any questions about and ideas for this exciting tool, please feel free to contact Brian Kuhn ( directly.  For technical assistance (something is not working), please access our regular support through the Service Desk (, email:, or call 4444).



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