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MOODLE (Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System)

This is our district-wide learning management system. To create a teacher account. Submit a service ticket at Footprint at

MOODLE facilitates online or blended instruction. In addition, many teachers use MOODLE to warehouse their resources as well as a submission tool and gradebook.

Elementary MOODLE

Secondary MOODLE

At the time of writing, we are running Moodle version 3.1 on all our Moodle sites.

What if my students don't have email address?

Moodle does require a student to sign up with an unique email address.  But for very young children you may have some obvious concerns of getting them email adresses which they have to manage.  The followings are some possible options for you to consider.

  • Use of temporary email addresses for account confirmation only
  • Use email alias feature of google account
  • Create real email addresses that you would use to confirm account for your students
  • Ask parents to setup email address for their kids to use at school
  • Submit a Footprint request for bulk accounts creation

There are pros and cons for each options.  For example, using real email addresses and alias address allow password reset and receipt of e.g. email annoucements.  Using temporary email addresses allows quick creation of student's account but generate error messages to Moodle administrator for all non-deliverable email communication.

Page appears broken on Chrome and Firefox / some content is not displayed on a Moodle page

VSB's moodle sites are secured with encryption.  Therefore when a course content include link(s) to insecured content from internet, such content may be blocked by modern browser such as Chrome and Firefox by default.  That makes the page appear "broken" or content "blanked out".  Below is some reference about this issue and ways to unblock the content on different browsers.


Q: How do I get a teacher account?

A: Please submit a ticket on FootPrint stating your Windows username and school location.

Q: Can student self enrol a course?

A: Yes. You can setup your course to allow that.

Q: Can student self unenrol from a course?

A: No.

Q: Are all Moodle plugins available to teachers?

A: We can install any free plugin that is compatible with our current Moodle version, as long as they stay free. However for subscription-based plugins, you may need to buy the license for us to install. Please contact Service Desk in that case.