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District Pilot Project


Intent of the District Pilot Project:

The CSL Pilot Project is a VSD initiative designed to help district reporting practices better align with the redesigned curriculum and the Ministry of Education’s Interim Student Reporting Guidelines. By agreeing to participate in this pilot, your school team is committing to:
  1. using the District CSL new draft templates developed for the 2017/18 school year.
  2. meeting the VSD CSL requirements (2 written reports and a minimum of 3 other opportunities to communicate student learning to parents).
  3. participating in focus group session(s) (school and district based) throughout the school year.
  4. providing samples and feedback regarding types of communications used.

CSL Presentation for P​aren​ts


Communicating Student Learning Reporting Minimum Expectations 2017-2018

​​Curriculum​​ ​​ ​Written Reports ​Other Communications​
​Janu​ary June​
​English and French Language Arts ​​​✓​ ​​​✓​ ​2
​Mathematics ​​​✓​ ​​​✓​ 2
​Science ​​​✓​ ​​​✓​ 2
​Social Studies ​​​✓​ ​​​✓​ 2
​Arts Education
(either Jan or Jun)
​Core French (Gr 5-7)
(either Jan or Jun)
​Physical and Health Education
(either Jan or Jun)
​Applied Design, Skills and Technology ​​​​ ​(optional)
​Career Education ​​​​ ​​(optional)
​Student Self Assessment of Core Competencies ​​​​ ​​(optional)
CSL Cheat Sheet for Staff Update (May 2018).docxCSL Cheat Sheet for Staff Update (May 2018).docx new-item-tag-o28.gif

Report Templates

Regular E​nglish Program 

Mid-year Written Prog​ress Report​

Year-end Summ​ative Report ​

Downloa​d Examples​ new-item-tag-o28.gif

French Immersi​on - Primary

Mid-year Written Progres​s Reports - French Immersion Primary 

Year-end Sum​mative Reports - French Immersion Primary 

French Immersio​n - Intermediate

Mid-year Written ​Prog​ress Reports - French Immersion Interm​ediate

Year-end Summ​ative Reports - French Immersion Intermediate

Record of O​​ngoing Communications

Download an example:​​ 

Explanation of the Student Competency Scale new-item-tag-o28.gif

​to acquire knowledge, skills, strategies and processes. ​​the ability to apply knowledge, skills, strategies and processes. ​knowledge, skills, strategies and processes consistently. knowledge, skills, strategies and processes creatively and strategically.​
​The student:
  • Needs lots of assistance
  • Has a limited understanding of…
  • has not yet demonstrated the ability to…
  • seldom is able to…
The student:
  • Needs some assistance​​​
  • Is beginning to…
  • Is aware of…
  • but is not applying this knowledge independently
  • Has a basic understanding of…
​The student:​
  • Is able to ….
  • most of the time
  • Is generally independent in…
  • Is capable and competent at…
The student:
  • Goes beyond…
  • Has a comprehensive understanding of…
  • Has fully demonstrated…
  • Has mastered…
  • Independently
  • Consistently…

Translations for Student Competency Scale​

Chinese - Simplified​
Chinese - Traditional


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