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Please note: This information below  and any links therein are to external websites that are not an official VSB or AR Lord Elementary site.

Hastings Community Association

The Hastings Community Centre and Templeton Park Pool are jointly operated by the Vancouver Park Board and the Hastings Community Association.

Through it’s activities and committees, the Association ensures that the community is represented at the Centre, at Templeton Park Pool, and in local planning and development issues such as the redevelopment of Hastings Park. Members of the public are welcome to become involved. For more information about the Hastings Community Association, call the community centre.

3096 East Hastings St
 Vancouver, BC V5K 2A3
Phone: 604-718-6222
Fax: 604-718-6226

More Sports

 MoreSports helps to create neighbourhood-based community sport programs and leadership courses for children and youth in Vancouver and Burnaby…

Environmental Youth Alliance

Our mission is to inspire children, youth, and young adults to connect with the natural world and become sustainability leaders in their communties. We carry out this mission through the implementation of community driven action projects that improve our social and physical environment while building capacity and empowering participants to create the sustainable futures they envision.

Environmental Youth Alliance

Hastings Family Enrichment Centre

Our inclusive family focus drop-in welcomes all families and caregivers with children less than 5 years old. We are located downstairs by the fitness centre. Our informal setting features play, craft, book, snack, outdoor play and community information/resource areas. We emphasize, promote and encourage parent/caregiver participation, creative play, socialization, healthy child growth and development, health professional visits, parenting education, language development and nutrition programs. Drop by or check on-line for upcoming
The Hastings Family Enrichment Centre is funded by the City of Vancouver and Hastings Community


Hastings Family Enrichment Centre