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Staff Directory

Dr. A.R. Lord Staff List 


Principal​ ​Ms. S. Car
Office ​Administrative Assistant Ms. S. Liu
​Head Teacher ​Ms. A. Burke
​Teaching Staff Ms. W. O'Neill ​Div. 1 - Gr. 6/7
​Ms. R. Skucas
Ms. A. Wise / Ms. M. Shore (W)
Div. 2 - Gr. 5/6
Div. 3 - Gr. 3/4
Ms. D. Watson / Ms. L. Mitchell (W) ​Div. 4 - Gr. 2/3
Ms. T. Phongmany​ / K. Ferreira Div. 5 - Gr. 1/2
​Ms. R. Bains / Ms. L. Mitchell (Th, F) ​Div. 6 - Gr. 1
​Ms. L. Young ​Div. 7 - Gr. K
Ms. A. Burke ​Resource
​Ms. K. McCandless (M-Th) ​Library & Resource
​Ms. T. Young-Eng (M, W, F) Music
​Education Assistants ​Ms. V. Doldolea
​Mr. L. Fields (a.m. only)
​Ms. R. Rahoo (Temp.) (p.m. only)
Ms. P. Tailor
​Supervision Aides ​Ms. B. Ciolfitto
​Ms. M. Mucci

Speech and Language Pathologist ​Ms. O. Iorio (M-p.m.)
​School Counsellor ​Ms. D. Hobbs (Th.)
​School Psychologist ​Ms. K. Grimm
​School Nurse ​Ms. L. Neilsen
​Multicultural Worker (Chn.) ​Ms. V. Young
Multicultural Worker (Viet.)
First Nation Support​
Ms. Y. Quach
Ms. M. Haggerty (T)
​Community Schools Team Ms. T. Schiewe ​Coordinator
​Ms. K. Babcock ​Youth and Family Worker
​TBA ​Programmer
​School Building Engineer ​Mr. L. Rocha
Assistant Engineer​ ​Mr. A. Morales


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