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Core Programs

L'École Bilingue is a single track French Immersion school. This means we offer only the French Immersion Program (some schools offer both a French Immersion stream and an English-only stream).

The breakdown of English and French language learning is as follows:

Grade ​Percentage in French
​K- 3 ​100
​4 - 5 60
​6 - 7 60

Kindergarten to Grade 3 receive 100% of subjects are taught in French. For Grades 4 and 5, 75% of subjects are taught in French and 25% in English, and for Grades 6 and 7 50% of subjects are taught in French and 50% in English. This prepares students to either continue with a French Immersion Program in select high schools or to move to an all-English high school. 

Within our French Immersion program, we are very pleased to offer a well-rounded education for children covering arts, athletics and technology and also trips and excursions including a 10-day exchange to Quebec for Grade 7s.

​- Pull-out Strings program for Grades 5-7 currently not available

- Cross Country (Grades 1-7, Sept/Oct)
- Volleyball (Grades 4-7, Oct-Dec)
- Basketball (Grades 5-7, Jan-Mar)
- Track and Field (Grades 4-7, Apr-Jun)
- a full classroom set of iPads used in classrooms for art, literacy, math and other educational applications
- interactive projectors with Apple TVs in all classrooms

Trips and Excursions

- Camp Sasamat (Grade 4)
- Alice Lake (Grade 6)
- Quebec Exchange (Grade 7)