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PAC Direct Donation

The Vancouver School Board has made changes to the Donation process.
Please open the document below for instruction on the new Online Donation Process 

What is Direct Donation?
Public funds cover basic education at L’École Bilingue, but as parents and guardians we have an opporunity to directly fund additional valuable education resources beyond those normally provided by the VSB and government. Most of our funds are received directly from our parent families and raised through countless volunteer hours and dedicated efforts on the Pizza & Sushi Lunch Programs, Book Fairs, and all the Grade 7 Quebec Fundraisers and community events such as the Welcome Back BBQ.

Where do these funds go?
As outlined in our annual PAC Budget, funds raised are targeted in a number of ways including investments in:
  • Arts & Cultural Programs for the entire School (artist in residence and many performances, Drama Program)
  • Sports Equipment
  • Fitness Programs (Cycling / Aussie X/ Tennis etc.)
  • Science Workshops (Geering Up)
  • Building up our technological resources (eg. Smart Boards etc.
  • Supplementing classroom learning resources – such as Traits Writing Kits
  • Camp Sasamat Buses
  • And many other programs and initiatives.
Direct Donation is intended to:
Direct Donation is an annual, voluntary, confidential contribution with a suggested amount per child ($100) that allows us to significantly reduce the number of small fundraisers undertaken and retain only those that are efficient and significant in return for the hours invested and those that contribute to our community. The more funds we receive through Direct Donation the less we will have to fundraise to support programs and the fewer donation solicitations parents will receive throughout the year.

Donate to our School:
Donations are strictly voluntary and confidential; 100% of your contribution under Direct Donation goes to the school as opposed to a small percentage with fundraising that involves product sales. There is no maximum or minimum.The suggested amount PER CHILD in $100. Each donation over $25.00 is eligible for a tax receipt from the Vancouver School Board.

How to Donate:
Please see the document School Cash Online Process School Cash Online Donation Process.pdfSchool Cash Online Donation Process.pdf  for instructions on registering with the new VSB Payment System.  The process is very straight forward and you will receive your Tax Receipt within minutes of making your donation to LAPEB.
If you have any questions, ideas or concerns or would like to help with the campaign this year, please contact the PAC Executive at​