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Fishy Count
Count us in
Sesame Street
Pete the Cat

Emperor Penguin video

Mo Willems

Grade 1
Learning to Read
Abacadabra Reading
Forces and Motion
Simple Machines
Dr.Seuss Fun​​

Spider Facts
Fun Spider Facts
Spider Facts Video
Spider Video

Grade 2
Millie's Math House
Sammy's Science House
Trudy's Time and Place House
Baileys Book House
Math For Fun

Different types of bats
KidZone Bats

Owl Webquest
Burrowing Owls
Burrowing Owl Conservation
Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl Videos
Barn Owls
Barn Owl Video
Elf Owl
Elf Owl Fact Sheet
Snowy Owl
Arctic Studies: Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl Biology
Snowy Owl Invasion Video​




Grade 3
Math Playground 
Dance Mat Typing
Typing Club
Typing Web
KIds Planets
All About Astronomy
Kids Astronomy

BC Cities
Places to Go in BC
Cities in BC

BioKids Spiders
Kidszone Spiders

Canada In My Pocket video
This Land was Made for You and Me

Grade 4
Typing Club
Typing Web

Multiplication Games

Weather Videos
Be Prepared: Extreme Weather
Weather Wiz Kids​
Extreme Weather

Canada's First Peoples
Aboriginal People
Aboriginal Links
Canadian Encyclopedia-Aboriginal Peoples
Haida and Inuit 
KidsStop Aboriginal Learning and Games
Inuit Tools, Contact, Colonization
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Musqueam Thru Time Video Part 1
A Journey into Time Immemorial

Science Probe 4 links
Borel Forests
Canada's Borel Forest
Temperate Rainforest
BC's Rainforest
BC's Desert
Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands
Pacific Ocean

Light and Sound
Light and Optics
Basics of Sound​
Optics for Kids





 Grade 6
Science Probe 6                                                      
National Geographic Mapping for Kids
Case Study Antarctica
Extreme Environments
Polar Worlds
More Extreme Environments
BBC Slideshow on Extreme Environments
Extreme Environments (type region in search bar)
Book Trailer Resources
UN Rights of the Child
Rights of the Child Photo Essay

The Governor General of Canada
Levels of Government
Government Resources
Parliament of Canada

Energy Resources
Energy Forces and Motion

Cells-Science for Kids​

5 KIngdoms
Characteristics of 5 Kingdoms Video
The Learning Zone: The 5 Kingdoms​
The Kingdoms of Life

Virtual Microscope
Electron Microscope​



Grade 7
Media Awareness
Research Style guide
Science Probe 7
The Dirt on Soil
What is Soil

Mesopotamia Links
BBC Museum Mesopotamia
Ancient Mesopotamia
KidsKonnect Mesopotamia

History Teacher Videos

Roman Teenager Video
History for Kids-ancient Rome
British Museum-Ancient Rome
BBC History Ancient Romans

British Museum Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece

British Museum Ancient Egypt
The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt​

More Resources ​

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