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WEX (Career Prep)


WEX is a program that integrates classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace. The program links the resources of secondary schools with business, industry and the community to provide young people with highly motivated educational experiences. The WEX program helps students to make decisions about their future career choices and to gain confidence in making the transition from secondary school to the world of work or post-secondary education.





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Contact person: Ms. A. Kersten (email:


  • Any grade 11 student who is involved in one of the appropriate focus courses and intends to take the second focus course in grade 12. Students should complete the majority of their work experience hours during this school year.
  • Grade 12 students who have completed the first focus course, have enrolled in a second, and are willing to complete 90 hours of work experience before September of the following year.


Students must select a WEX offered in the school and then complete:
  • 2 focus courses that make up the core of the program
  • Support courses are encouraged in associated areas
  • A minimum of 90 hours of focus related work experience (WEX12A)

  • Work one to one on placements with a teacher supervisor
  • Explore a career choice
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Strengthen employment skills through on-the-job training
  • Use equipment not available in the schools
  • Obtain employment references and make valuable business contacts
  • Enhance the possibility of obtaining part-time or full-time employment
  • Discover personal interests and abilities
  • Obtain a WEX Certificate at graduation
  • Develop confidence and self-reliance
  • Earn secondary school credits while gaining practical experience

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