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Information and Communications Technology

Information Technology deals with the understanding and use of computer hardware and software tools. Examples of information technology tools include instructional and simulation software, multimedia software and authoring languages that create web sites, plus programming languages in visual, object oriented, and procedural methods. There are two course streams students can follow:

(1) The Information Technology-Literacy stream emphasizes competency in computer applications, such as Open Office vs3, Photoshop, CS3, 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave 3D modeling, Google’s SketchUp, Adobe’s Creative Studio MX, and Gimp.
(2) The Information Technology–Programming stream focuses on the computer programming languages used to
develop the applications mentioned above. Both courses will overlap to some degree. Literacy stream students will have a better understanding of applications if they understand programming, and programming stream students will develop better applications if they are familiar with current application programs.


 **Please refer to The Course Planning Guide for more detailed information of each courses.