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Scholarship Information


 The application timeline and process for applying for scholarships is as follows:

1. Beginning April 15, 2019, students applying for School Scholarships and District Scholarships fill out the form 2018-19 Kitsilano Scholarship Form.doc2018-19 Kitsilano Scholarship Form.doc and prepare the necessary accompanying documents (as outlined on the form).  These forms are also available in the Counselling Suite.

2.  All completed scholarship packages (Scholarship Form, Resume, Personal Qualities Letter) must be placed in a large envelope tittled 2018-2019 Scholarship Package and include the student name and student number.  These packages must be received by Mr. Tse by 3 pm on May 6, 2019.

3.  The scholarship committee will meet in May to determine the scholarship winners.

4.  Scholarship recipients are announced during the Graduation Ceremony on June 20, 2019.