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Career Preparation involves hands on work experience. Students enroll in Work Experience 12 (WEX12) in a focus area of their choice. When they have completed the in-class component and 100 hours of work experience during Grade 11 and 12  they will receive 4 credits for this program. 

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Below is a list of courses offered in the Career Preparation Program at Kitsilano Secondary School:​

Business and Applied Business

  •  Accounting
  • Business Computing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing

 Fine Arts, Design, and Media

  •  Film and Television Program (TV)
  • Art, Ceramics, and Graphics
  • Music

Fitness and Recreation

 Health and Human Science, Science and Applied Science and/or Chemistry

Trades and Technology

Additional information may be obtained from your guidance counselor, Career Programs Coordinator or supervising teachers in your program area.​