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    Grad Transition Information

    Nov 1, 2018

    Dear Grade 12 Students:

    It's time to complete your Graduation Transitions.  The first assignment is due by November 5, 2018.  Information was shared with students during the Grade Assembly on September 24, 2018.  Please see below for details as outlined on our school website:

    Grad Transition

    The Graduation Transition Plan is a Graduation Requirement mandated by the BC Ministry of Education.

    Your Supervisors:


    Ms. Bains


    Ms. Sehmbi

    Vice Principal

    Mr. Gock  

    Vice Principal


     Important Information:

    • At Kitsilano, Graduation Transitions is an off-timetable, self-directed course.  In order to graduate all components must be ompleted by the deadlines indicated.  The final mark is a Requirements Met and will appear as an ‘RM’ on the final report card.
    • To qualify for Honor Roll, components must be submitted by due date.
    • Each component must be completed in full, or it will be returned for resubmission.
    • Follow the instructions and download the appropriate documents below:

    Step 1:  Create an account on myBlueprint

    Step 2:  Complete the assignments 

    • Complete the assignments as indicated below.


    Assignment #1:  Who Am I? (Due Date:  November 5, 2018)

    • On myBlueprint, complete the following sections:
      • Who Am I
      • High School
    • Download the following document (Confirmation of Physical Activity Hours.docConfirmation of Physical Activity Hours.doc) to show evidence of Daily Physical Activity.  Alternatively, your Grade 11 final report card showing successful completion of Physical Education 11 can be used as evidence.
    • Add Daily Physical Activity document or Grade 11 final report card to your porfolio on myBlueprint.