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Ms. E. Stacey

​​Biology 11 Slides and Handouts

​Invertebrate Comparison Chart

Introduction to Animals

Phylum Porifera

Helpful videos:

Phylum Cnidaria

Helpful videos:

​​​​Phylum Platyhelminthes and Phylum Nematoda

Helpful Videos for Platyhelminthes:

Helpful Videos for Nematoda:

Phylum Annelida


Helpful Videos:

Shape of Life: Annelids

Shape of Life: Earthworms

Earthworms Mating

Shape of Life: Leeches​

Take Two Leeches and Call Me in the Morning

Kingdom of the Leeches

Crash Course Biology #23: Annelids and Arthropods

​​Phylum Mollusca

Helpful Videos:

More general videos: 

Cuttlefish: The Brainy Bunch (This one is long but fascinating!)

All Things Octopus:

​​Phylum Arthropoda

Useful Videos:

Phylum Echinodermata

- Read the chapter on Echinoderms in your Miller & Levine textbook
- Watch the Crash Course #16: We're Just Tubes
- Watch the Shape of Life video Echinoderms: The Ultimate Animal
- Go through the Echinoderm slides
- Make your own notes on echinoderms
- Complete the row for Phylum Echinodermata on your comparison chart
- Complete the Arthropoda & Echinodermata Review Worksheet
- Study for a very short quiz on echinoderms on Monday May 27

Useful Videos: