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KG Green Team​​
Science helps us to understand the world around us: developing our international mindedness and giving us the opportunity to better understand our community, and environment. Through out the course every effort will be made to show how science connects to other areas of study.

Students will be encouraged to communicate their ideas and consider the thoughts and opinions of others. Students will also work to develop themselves as communicating, caring, inquiring, risk taking, knowledgeable, reflective, open-minded, principled, balanced, and thinking individuals.

 Aims and Objectives:

This course is meant to cover the Intended Learning Outcomes set out by the BC Ministry of Education and the MYP aims and objectives as described by the International Baccalaureate Organization which can be found on our school website.


Various methods of learning will be used through out the course, such as: Inquiry-based learning, Resource-based learning, Problem-based learning, Project-based learning, Cooperative learning, and Collaborative Learning.

 Methods of assessment:

Formative Assessment: Students will complete quizzes periodically to demonstrate what they understand versus what they still need help with. Students will also complete class work and homework that will be corrected with classmates, independently or by the teacher. Students will be encouraged to discuss their thinking about the various problems and topics covered in class.

Summative Assessment: At the end of each chapter, at midterm, and at the end of the course students will write tests. Students will also partake in individual and group projects.  Students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge, their understanding, applications of skills and concepts in a manner that is clear and organized in all the above mentioned forms of summative assessment.​​​​