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Community Service - Service in Action

Community building and service start in the classroom and extend beyond it.​


Service is an integral part of the IB Middle Years Programme.


IB Mission Statement

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 Building Better Citizens

Community service (service as action) is an integral component of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. It is the service volunteered by an individual to an individual or organization for the benefit of the community. Service opportunities will be offered within the classroom but students are encouraged to extend their service and to explore ways that they can meaningfully contribute to building stronger and inclusive communities both locally and globally.  Service offers our students an opportunity to develop a sense of personal responsibility, improve their leadership skills, and grow as curious and respectful members of the various communities they are part of.  Service can benefit both the student and the community.  It provides the student with skills and knowledge that will help them in future jobs and give them wide ranging experiences while at the same time strengthening the world in which they live.


Students are required to complete the following:

Grade 8:  20 hours

Grade 9:  25 hours     

Grade 10: 30 hours


Students are responsible to record their service hours on-line on the school ManageBac​ system:  Please upload hours via the IB manager tab and the SA (service into action) tab on the ManageBac webpage.  Hours of service in the summer after grade 8 or 9 can count to either the previous or the following year.  However, all hours must be completed by May of their grade 10 year. 

Students who are having difficulty signing in to ManageBac or who have questions should contact a MYP coordinator for a login, Anne Mackie ( or Adam Stapleton (  In your email please include the first and last name of the student, their current grade and their student number.


Community service (service as action) Reminders

  • Your supervisor cannot be a parent and you need to provide contact information
  • You cannot be paid for the service
  • Service is not directly for the benefit of your family (i.e. cleaning the house)
  • Club meetings do not count for hours


Volounteer and Have Fun

Students are encouraged to find their own passion and volunteer opportunities.  There are also many school opportunities to volunteer.  The community service team can help match students with different opportunities in the community if they need help getting started.