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At King George we are dedicated to creating an environment, where students and staff can respect each other no matter what race or religion the individual belongs to.

Teachers and staff stress the importance of arriving on time for classes. The Staff are working hard to improve learning techniques so students can make their goals possible through the help and assistance of their teachers.

At the very beginning of the school year students attend classes by being prepared and by having materials require for their particular course. By combining all these factors the staff, student body and teachers have put together the “ROAR” campaign.

ROAR was first launched in 1999 and is now well into its second year of operation at King George.

Each letter in “ROAR” illustrates the values and goals King George Secondary School is hoping to achieve.

R – Respect for others
O – On time
A – Academic Excellence
R – Ready to learn


About ROAR

The ROAR program came about when teachers became concerned about students arriving on time for morning classes. The staff then took the responsibility to address this concern with the desire to implement an effective solution. The first step taken by the staff was meeting with Shirley Brayne, a school board facilator. Shirley was instrumental in forming a foundation for the ROAR program. Teachers were encouraged to brainstorm concerns they had for students in our school. They came up with a number of issues such as respect, lateness, preparation for classes, and motivation for academic excellence. The next challenge was taking these concerns and narrowing it down to a manageable set standards or rules which both students and teachers could incorporate into their classes.

A ROAR committee was composed of approximately eight staff members. These committee members were responsible for planning the program. The first phase involved finding a way by which they could implement the set of rules into the regular school program. The first step they took was to promote this new program called “ROAR” (Respect, On time, Academic Excellence, and Responsibility). The techniques they used to promote the program were: making notations in the school agenda book, newsletters and by making announcements at school assemblies.

By late spring, parents and students were notified of the timetable changes along with the ROAR campaign scheduled for April 1999. The administration made class visits where they observed class disscussions and opinions about “ROAR”.

On April 22, 1999 the ROAR campaign was launched in King George Secondary School. The ROAR campaign included rewarding students for demonstrating positive behaviour. While encouraging students to demostrate postive behaviour a follow-up with by-weekly draws prizes are presented. Teachers issue a ROAR slip whenever a student demonstrates one of the four principles which stands for what is now known as R O A R. Students bring their ROAR slips to the main office for an administrator to sign before entering the draw. Each Friday at 11:00 am, students and teachers discover which students have won a prize for the week. Students claim their prizes and are congratulated at the main office for their good effort.

Student Roar Committee

Soon after the launch of the ROAR campaign. A student ROAR committee was created where students expressed their view’s, opinions or concerns on issues . Committee members are composed of a wide range of students from the student body. The committee members are responsible for representing the student population at King George. They are also encouraged to suggest ideas as to how they can improve the ROAR program.

The student ROAR committee expressed how there was a lack of encouragement for non-academic work or non-athletic contributions. The student ROAR committee also worked on other projects like the ”Wall of Fame”. A certificate was created for students with their picture and a student profile of individuals. The wall of fame was composed of students who demonstrated the aspects of ROAR. By volunteering for their community, achieving academic excellence and other activities they may of been apart of. The committee also created a study room for students to use. The room was available to students after school. The room was also used as a place to obtain help from seniors or teachers who would devote their time to helping students in their work. They​ also organized a ROAR rally at the end of an assembly. The main focus of the ROAR Rally was On time and Ready to learn. There was a ready to learn race where students were picked as volunteers to participate in the rally. Each student had to get out of bed, dress, gather their books, and supplies plus get to class seated. In addition to being seated they had to show that they were ready to learn.​