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2016-2017 CONTENT:

CONGRATULATIONS TO THEATRE KILLARNEY - on the student presentations held during the 100th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote. 

CLICK ON righttovote_full.mp4  you can view the entire ceremony.

The Killarney presentations are at the 2:50, 15:34, 28:15, 41:00 and 46:50 minutes – core competencies in action!

CONGRATULATIONS TO MR. HUAN MING MAO!  Gold Medalist at the 55+Senior Games - Coquitlam - Sept 2016  HMMao - table tennis 2016.pdfHMMao - table tennis 2016.pdf


WAY TO GO MS. ALI!  Who will be the next Bill Gates?
CONGRATULATIONS TO CORY WONG!  For his bravery and being honoured by the VPD.
CONGRATULATIONS MR. MAO! - Silver in Table Tennis - US Open
CONGRATULATIONS ENID AU! -  Just graduated from Killarney and now in UBC - as a competitive athlete no less!  -
HOCKEY AT KILLARNEY - Mr. Geoff Hudson teaching ESL students about hockey - impromptu game with various administration & staff (CBC newscast)
VIDEO OF ELL STUDENTS PLAYING HOCKEY - (Slightly different version than CBC newscast)
Track & Field 2010
Tanya Humeniuk - Article Oct. 12, 2010
Tanya and Anton Humeniuk - Article Oct. 27, 2010