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Information Technology Sharepoint

Welcome to IT at Killarney

This page is for links that come up during the year. 

​Women in Tech

BC Aware - Cyber Security Challenge

  • Register for BCAware​
  • Cyber Security Curriculum​
  • Watch videos! here​
  • ​Meet: at 8am at the entrance near Georgia X Richards​
  • WebEx Session: Friday, Jan 27 at 1pm (Join in if you can, but the session should be recorded.)
  • Forms needed to be signed and handed in by Friday at the latest:
    • Field trip form
    • Media consent form
  • Things to bring:
    • Your TICKET
    • ​Laptop with an Ethernet port or Ethernet adapter
    • Ethernet cable
    • Headset/Ear buds with a microphone
    • Notes
  • Software to install on your laptop before the event
    • ​Remote Desktop (RDP) client for interaction with Windows targets
    • SSH client for interacting with Cisco and Linux targets
    • Nmap (or any of its GUI cousins) for network mapping and service discovery
    • Wireshark for network protocol analysis
    • TestDisk for partition discovery and file system forensics
    • Netcat for arbitrary TCP/IP fun​

​​​District IT students


​​​​IT 10 - Flow chart video​

​IT 10 - Flow chart tasks​