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Information Technology Sharepoint

Welcome to IT at Killarney

This page is for links that come up during the year. 

Information Technology Opportunities

​Women in Tech

BC Aware - Cyber Security Challenge

  • End of April or 1st week of May
  • email:
    pass: 94OMHPOalg
    and teams are able to login to these emails at
    Please share this information with your team. As soon as possible, please have your team log in and reply to the message that I’ve sent to let me know that we are ready to go for the competition.
  • January:
    • Register for BCAware​
    • Cyber Security Curriculum​
    • Watch videos! here​
    • ​Meet: at 8am at the entrance near Georgia X Richards​
    • WebEx Session: Friday, Jan 27 at 1pm (Join in if you can, but the session should be recorded.)
    • Forms needed to be signed and handed in by Friday at the latest:
      • Field trip form
      • Media consent form
    • Things to bring:
      • Your TICKET
      • ​Laptop with an Ethernet port or Ethernet adapter
      • Ethernet cable
      • Headset/Ear buds with a microphone
      • Notes
    • Software to install on your laptop before the event
      • ​Remote Desktop (RDP) client for interaction with Windows targets
      • SSH client for interacting with Cisco and Linux targets
      • Nmap (or any of its GUI cousins) for network mapping and service discovery
      • Wireshark for network protocol analysis
      • TestDisk for partition discovery and file system forensics
      • Netcat for arbitrary TCP/IP fun​

Programming 11

​​​District IT students


​​​​IT 10 - Flow chart video​

​IT 10 - Flow chart tasks​​

Field Trip Ideas​​