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KILLARNEY IN-HOUSE SCHOLARSHIP - available as of November 3, 2016
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NOTE: Once you begin the online form, be prepared to complete it in FULL.

You will not be able to save and continue at a later date.  If you are not sure about some of the information....Make sure you are prepared before beginning the application.

We have provided you an Killarney In-House Scholarship Prep Sheet 2016-2017.pdfKillarney In-House Scholarship Prep Sheet 2016-2017.pdf  to get you started.


Deadline:  Friday, April 21, 2017

Teacher Referral Form 2017 - District Scholarship Application - Easy Form for Teachers 2017.pdfDistrict Scholarship Application - Easy Form for Teachers 2017.pdf

Student Application Form 2017 - District Scholarship 2017 – Student Application Form.pdfDistrict Scholarship 2017 – Student Application Form.pdf

If you were the recipient of a DISTRICT scholarship in June 2017, you should be receiving your cheque from the Ministry of Education sometime between the end of October and the first weeks of November, sometimes though December.

If you do not receive your cheque by mid November , you can email to find out or call 250-356-2443 


 SCHOLARSHIPS - VARIOUS (listed according to most current deadline)