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Links to help setup your preferences:

  • Keep your Alternate Email as your VSB username. It is the first part of your email address.
  • For example, if your email is:, then your Alternate Email is: jdoe.
    You need it to be your username to help reset your password.
  • Password issues for initial accounts. email: for help
  • ​What to do when you first login​
  • ​​Gradebook Averages Type: ________________________
  • Cumulative Averages: check      uncheck   (circle one)
      • Do the students' marks restart with each new term?​   (circle one)
      • ​If Yes, then do not check the cumulative average
      • I​f No, th​en check the Cumulative average (you'll have to enter all of your Term 1 assessments)

Gradebook: Import Assignments and Categories from Previous Year(s)

  • Assignments: ​​Gradebook > (Select your class) > Assigments > Options > Import Assignments > Import from ... (Click the magnifying glass)  > Select the class noticing the year (and section if your categories are different for different sections).​ Note: Terms will copy over to the new year.

  • Categories: ​​Gradebook > (Select your class) > Categories > Options > Import Categories > Import from ... (Click the magnifying glass)  > Select the class noticing the year (and section if your categories are different for different sections).

Recording Mar​ks

Work Habits

  • Has to be an uppercase letter, if you're typing it in
  • Shortcut to look up all of the work habits: Ctrl + L
  • Shortcut to copy the work habits to the rows below: Ctrl + D (it will overwrite anything below that row)

Comment Codes

  • Overall Information​ (skip the grades part for Interims) or Check out videos in the S: drive> Teachers Community folder

  • Caution: If you use Ctrl+D to copy the comments, it will overwrite anything in that column below that row.

  • Different Ways to enter comments:
    • Type it in yourself

    • Use the school's comment code bank
      • A list of Killarney's comments have been emailed to you or you can find a list of Killarney's comments in the
        S: drive
        Teachers Community
        > KILLARNEY - COMMENT CODES​ > there should be a pdf in there with a list.
      • in MyEdBC, our old school codes are found in the General Category
      • ​If you know the comment code number, then you can type it in the Search box, it should be the first one that shows up
      • If you know a keyword in the comment, then you can type that in the Search box too and all comments with that word would show up.​

    • Copy comment codes from a document.
      • This is if you have all your favourite comments in a document.
      • For now (2016), you should use Chrome.
      • Highlight the comment that you want from the document, and copy it (Ctrl+C)
      • Go to the student's comment section in MyEdBC and paste it as text only (Ctrl+V or Right Click->Paste as plain text)

    • Intermediate/Advanced: Create your own Personalized Comment Codes​ (your own comment bank)
      • Note that your personalized comment code bank doesn't transfer over to other schools

    • More on personalizing comments (known as wildcards for older staff) 
      • Intermediate/Advanced: Video​ shows how to add comments and include student's name. For your commentID, the VSB suggests that you put your name or initals first and then the number, to avoid confusion with the school's comment codes.
      • Note that only you see your comment code bank (by number)
      • ​​Additional notes: MyEdBC - Appendix B.pdfMyEdBC - Appendix B.pdf on personalizing comments.

​Teacher Handbook