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School Growth Plan - 2018-2019 - Killarney SGP FINAL 2018 2019.pdfKillarney SGP FINAL 2018 2019.pdf

CORE COMPETENCIES:  Core Competencies Poster.pdfCore Competencies Poster.pdf

Core Competencies - Supporting Self-Assessment.pdfCore Competencies - Supporting Self-Assessment.pdf


Welcome to the Teachers' section of the Killarney Website! Navigation is located on your left and right side-bars.

Many documents that were uploaded to the website can be viewed in the Teachers Community folder.  If you do not have access to this folder on your desktop, please "Footprint" a request to VSB Helpdesk to get access.  The Teachers Community folder also contains many forms and information that you may find useful.

2017-2018 - MASTER CALENDAR - IN PROGRESS as of June 19, 2017.pdf2017-2018 - MASTER CALENDAR - IN PROGRESS as of June 19, 2017.pdf - This is just a guideline.  Colour printouts of this calendar were handed out a the beginning of the year.  Any changes will not be re-copied in colour format to save paper.  It would be advisable to look at the section to check if there were changes made.  All original events will remain as printed.  If there is a change to the event, it will be noted and referred to the new date. 

Day 1 Day 2 Calendar 2017-2018 - July 4.pdfDay 1 Day 2 Calendar 2017-2018 - July 4.pdfColour printouts of this calendar were handed out at the beginning of the year.  This is the planning calendar used to prepare the Killarney Events Calendar and serves as a quick reference for Day 1 / Day 2 and holidays.

 NOTE:  There may be instances when a student finds a discrepancy between the agenda book calendar and the online calendar.  The original date of the event will be maintained online, with a referral to the new date when there is a revision.  We encourage all students, parents and teachers to view the online calendar on a daily basis for revisions at any time during the year.




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