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May 9, 2019 - Following up on Ms. Katrina Thomson's announcement about Ramadan, at our staff meeting yesterday, here are some resources for teaching students about Ramadan, increasing understanding and countering Islamophobia. 

  1. In Pictures: Muslims Around the World Mark the Start of Ramadan:
  2. NYT Article & Lesson Plan:

  3. Teaching Tolerance/Teaching About Ramadan and Eid:

  4. Rethinking Schools Article With a List of Helpful Resources:
  5. BCTF Article With a List of Helpful Resources:
  6.  Islamophobia Lesson Plan:

School Growth Plan - 2018-2019 - Killarney SGP FINAL 2018 2019.pdfKillarney SGP FINAL 2018 2019.pdf

CORE COMPETENCIES:  Core Competencies Poster.pdfCore Competencies Poster.pdf

Core Competencies - Supporting Self-Assessment.pdfCore Competencies - Supporting Self-Assessment.pdf


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