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Professional Development

Just came across this insightful Media Literacy article by David Ohler (who presented at a VSB Tech. Day in 2009)
Relates to yesterday afternoons Pro D.  
Summary ~        

"Teachers don't have to be advanced technicians. Their students tend to be fearless adopters of new technology."  Instead teachers are needed as GUIDES to help students use technology critically.


8 Guidelines for Teachers:

1. Shift from text centrism to media collage.

2. Value writing and reading now more than ever.  

3. Adopt art as the next R.

4. Blend traditional and emerging literacies.

5. Harness report and story.

6. Practice private and participatory social literacy.

7. Develop literacy with digital tools and about digital tools.

8. Pursue fluency.

For more details, check out the article.

Denise North -  Teacher-Librarian  

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still." - Chinese Proverb



Just a reminder of some helpful online resource links for you and your students.
  • Check out the NFB videos (National Film Board) (13 000) and Science videos (22)
  • FREE DOWNLOADS to watch from your computer = video streaming made easy
  • You just need a projector hooked up to your computer or laptop and speakers.
Go to: Killarney Secondary website> LibraryRESEARCH DATABASES > Videos