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Office 365

Click here​ to go to Office 365. There is also a link in the top right corner of this page that you can click to get there too.

Quick description of some of the Office 365 apps (as of Jan 4, 2017)
​Word ​Word Processing
​Excel ​Spreadsheets
​PowerPoint ​Slide Presentations
OneNote​ ​Flexible note taking
​Class Notebook ​Set up class notebook contains: Student Notebooks, Content library and Collab space
Sway* ​Quick web pages
Forms* ​Online survey forms/questionaires
Video​* Microsoft's version of YouTube
SharePoint The school's website uses SharePoint (SharePoint is kind of old)
Delve Helps to locate information, such as in OneDrive, 
Yammer ​Collaboration tool
Flow ​​Create automated workflows between apps, get notifications, etc.
*Applications that have privacy alerts because information is stored on servers outside of Canada. Student information should not be present in these apps.

Please see this site:,
for more information, such as:
  • ​which apps have privacy concerns​
  • how many free copies you can install
  • the structure of login names for staff and students
  • where to go for help (hint: help desk)