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AGENDA information for current year:  

BLOCK ROTATIONS:  What time does the first period start?  Check it out.  Regular and CPD Bell Schedule 2019.jpgRegular and CPD Bell Schedule 2019.jpg

BLOGSITE - blogsite with interesting information


COURSE PLANNING GUIDE - CP GUIDE 2019-2020 - revised Feb 20.pdfCP GUIDE 2019-2020 - revised Feb 20.pdf

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK - VPD APPLICATION FORM - for use when applying as a school volunteer.  It is mandatory to have a record check done as part of the volunteer package.

CRIMINAL RECORD REVIEW PROGRAM APPLICATION FORM - for use when applying as a school volunteer.  See the Vice Principal in charge of volunteers at the school to obtain a volunteer package and apply for the criminal record check.  Application for CRC code.pdfApplication for CRC code.pdf

DAY1/DAY2 CALENDAR -  Day 1 Day 2 Calendar 2019-2020 - June 21.pdfDay 1 Day 2 Calendar 2019-2020 - June 21.pdf

EXTENDED VACATION REQUEST FORM  Extended Vacation Request Form.pdfExtended Vacation Request Form.pdf - If your child will be on vacation for more than 1 week, it is advisable to speak with their counsellor to start a homework file for them upon their return.

GRADE 8 HANDBOOK - for Elementary Grade 7's going to Killarney in September - Gr 8 Handbook 2019 2020  - web version - 2019 Jan 18.pdfGr 8 Handbook 2019 2020 - web version - 2019 Jan 18.pdf


NOTICE OF LATE RETURN in September 2018 (Please use this form if your child will not be returning during the first week of school)  Notice of Late Return Form - 2019-2020.pdfNotice of Late Return Form - 2019-2020.pdf

SCHOOL CALENDAR 2019-2020 (as approved by VBE - Pro-D, Collab Days, Holidays)​ Secondary Calendar - 2019-2020.jpgSecondary Calendar - 2019-2020.jpg

TUTORING - LEARN NOW BC SITE - There is on-site, "live" tutoriing available.

VANCOUVER SECONDARY SCHOOLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (VSSAA) - site to find all Secondary School team games - schedules / times / locations