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VANCOUVER SECONDARY SCHOOLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION - site to find all Secondary School team games.

TUTORING - LEARN NOW BC SITE - There is on-site, "live" tutoriing available.

KILLARNEY SECONDARY SCHOOL CALENDAR - blogsite with interesting information

Day 1 Day 2 Calendar 2017-2018 - July 4.pdfDay 1 Day 2 Calendar 2017-2018 - July 4.pdf   - Planning calendar for Day 1 / Day 2

Block Rotations - Collab Day - Flex Week Schedules.pdfBlock Rotations - Collab Day - Flex Week Schedules.pdf - What time does the first period start?  Check it out.

2018 2019  Secondary School Calendar for Killarney.jpg2018 2019 Secondary School Calendar for Killarney.jpg- 2018-2019 School Calendar (Pro-D, Collaborative Days, Holidays, School Closures (as approved by VBE)​

Notice of Late Return Form - 2017.pdfNotice of Late Return Form - 2017.pdf-  Notice of Late Return in September 2017 (Please use this form if your child will not be returning during the first week of school)

Course Planning Guide 2018-2019 - Jan 26 - REVISED.pdfCourse Planning Guide 2018-2019 - March 2.pdfCourse Planning Guide 2018-2019 - March 2.pdf- Course codes are subject to change during the year - please click on this link to obtain the most current course codes:  

AGENDA TEXT - 2017-2018 - revised July 4.pdfAGENDA TEXT - 2017-2018 - revised July 4.pdf - Student agenda information for current year.

-- for Grade 7's going into Grade 8 at Killarney