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January 20, 2020 - Reminder we have our second Parenting in a Digital World parent/ caregiver education night on January 30, 2020 at Churchill Secondary. Please share this link with your school communities:

​November 28, 2019 - Making Social Media Safer - Presentation @ MacCorkindale Elementary. Making Social Media safer.jpg

November 13, 2019 - Parenting in the Digital World - Presentation at Windermere Secondary School   WindermereParentNightSocialMedia.pdfWindermereParentNightSocialMedia.pdf

September 2018 - School Cash Online - NEW - Online payments open Sept. 1

School Fees - Quick Questions and Answers.pdfSchool Fees - Quick Questions and Answers.pdf



killarney Policy and Procedures
Teachers, counsellors and administration regularly monitor attendance, punctuality, and achievement.  Interims are sent home regularly and the home is phoned or the parent is e-mailed everyday of an absence.  It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school office, grade counsellor and grade administrator of any extended absence from school or if illness or a medical appointment is known prior to attending school.
It is the student’s responsibility to bring a note signed by the parent or guardian to explain the reason for an absence as outlined below and on our website at 
If a student becomes ill while at school, or has an appointment during school time, it is the student’s responsibility to sign out at the office.  Parents will be contacted to confirm permission for leaving school and all sign outs will be recorded by office personnel.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work that is missed.  Exceptions to this will be dealt with on an individual basis.
Students on partial Killarney timetables are expected to be either in the library, cafeteria or at home studying when not in a classroom.
Students are expected to arrive to their classes with all necessary materials by the time the class bell rings for every class.  Teachers will report all tardiness and absences.  Continued tardiness or absences could lead to the following consequences:  referral to counsellor, home contact, parental interview, academic probation or removal from enrolment by the administrator.
Killarney students are expected to attend all classes and school sponsored activities unless other arrangements have been made between the student and teacher.  Apart from those special arrangements the only acceptable reasons for absences are illness and parental requests.  Parental requests should be made to a counsellor or an administrator.
        KILLARNEY ABSENCE NOTE – as requested by teachers.  This PREFERRED form is available online as well as in the office.  To be signed by parent and teacher.

We are no longer supporting the online absence reports as outlined in the agenda book for 2019-2020.  Although we have had mixed positive and negative results with this system over the past 7 years, we have determined that we can no longer support the use of the online reporting system.


Please report student absences as follows:

· By phone (604-713-8950) - Absences taken by phone are adjusted on the computer system on a weekly basis. If you call in an absence, be aware that you may still get an automated message at the end of the day as the data is not entered until the end of the week.

· By email or call to teacher—A few teachers request a call or an email as well as a note when a student will be absent, but this is specific to individual teachers.  However, ALWAYS provide an absence note for the teacher upon return from absence.  Our staff email directory is located here: 

· By note—Please use the paper note that is available to print from our website.  Students may pick up an absence note from the office as well.  These notes provide more detailed and accurate data for us to input.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Click here to get the note form:​

· Signing out—If a student is ill during school hours, they must come to the office to sign out.  Prior to them leaving, they will be asked to contact their parent for permission.

· Signing in—If a student has missed any classes due to an appointment, they must sign in at the office when they arrive at the school.  A note would also be beneficial to show their teachers why they were absent.

· Field Trips—The teacher is asked to compile a list of attendees for field trips based on forms returned to them.  These lists are then forwarded to the office for data entry.  If no list was received, you may get a call

     through our automated system.

· Automated message—You will  receive an automated message if your son/daughter has missed a class at any time of the school day. To correct any errors, you must contact the teacher who marked them absent.  The student can usually find this out using their MyEd access.

Long term illness or reasons for absence must be discussed with the counsellor as arrangements can be made to initiate a homework file.
CALENDARS:  (on this website - Go to "About Us" - click on CALENDARS
ONLINE KILLARNEY EVENTS CALENDAR - Accessible on our facebook site: or on this website.  Click on "Calendar" in the menu bar above.  Changes made to the online Google calendar will appear immediately and provides the most up-to-date event data.  If more detailed information is supplied by the sponsor regarding the can see these details by clicking on the event itself.

This is the best option to find out about events at Killarney.  The Agenda Book calendar is only a guideline and because it was compiled in July, event dates and times may change after printing.  Please review dates and times on the online calendar regularly.


3 options to view the calendar events on your desktop:

There are 3 tabs at the top right corner of the on-screen calendar.  You can select either "WEEK", "MONTH", or "AGENDA". 
  • If you are not able to view every detail on a specific day, please choose either "WEEK" or "AGENDA" to view more event items. 
  • Also, if you click on any event on-screen, you can see more details about the event.  This is dependent on how much detail was given for data entry. 
  • Daily events are entered according to the printed Agenda Book during the summer, but are subject to change at any time during the course of the year.
  • Please continue to view the online calendar on a regular basis for changes or updates. 
  • Changes will be noted on the originally scheduled date and cross-referenced on the new date. 


Our bell schedule incorporates i-Time tutorials. This Schedule was just approved by the VSB.  The schedule incorporates the “i-Time” at the start of the day. Please note that students will still benefit from dedicated reading time, which the English Department has graciously volunteered to continue.
The tutorial period occurs at the usual start time, every day, Monday through Friday.      This “i” stands for independence, for student-focused collaboration, mentoring, enrichment, and support.
Students overwhelmingly supported the tutorial block during our recent Student Forum. With our divergent group of learners, this is a creative way to allow extra time, different groupings and flexibility. This is teaching time that expands upon educational options and differentiated instruction.  i-Time is intended to complement and strengthen what we do with our students. 


MyEducation BC Family Portal Login:

The Family Portal account is a shared account between student and parent/guardian.
·    Please ensure that any change in password is shared amongst users (student and parent/guardians) as this will lower the chances of an account becoming disabled due to invalid logins.
·    To check the primary email associated with your student, click on the student’s name in the top right hand corner of the screen and click on “set preferences” from the drop-down menu.  Then click on the “Security” tab to check what primary email address is on file.  We encourage students to use their VSB email for all school-related communication.  VSB emails are the student number followed by E.g.
·    Add a secondary email if desired.
·    Be sure to complete the security questions so that if you forget your password or your account becomes disabled in future you can use the “I forgot my password” function on the My Ed Login screen.
·    If your account becomes disabled, click on “I forgot my password” to have the password emailed to your primary email account.
·    Information about the Family Portal can be found on our school website under the “Student” tab. The following is the link to the Support Page:

·    After trying these steps, if you still have difficulty accessing the Family Portal or if the account has become disabled, please have your student speak to their grade administrator.

A reminder that information for the Family Portal can be found on our school website under the “Student” tab. The following is the link to the Support Page:
If you have difficulty accessing the Family Portal or if the account has become disabled, please contact the school at 604-713-8950


Note from Vice Principal K. Thomson - (November 15, 2018)

  • Students who are still experiencing difficulties logging in to MyEd can be instructed to check our school website for instructions on logging in to MyEd for the 1st time and for resetting passwords. I have provided the links below:
  • First Time Logging in:
  • Student Family Portal Tour:
  • Students who Forget their password:  Please remind students to use the “I forgot my password” option on the login page if they forget their password.  They will be sent a temporary password to their primary email on file, which should be their VSB account (student number followed by  Example: .
If students are still having difficulty logging in, please ask them to come and see their grade administrator for help. 


This is a digital copy of the student agenda book for parent perusal.  It contains the rotation schedules, maps, fees, and many general bits of information as weil as school policy.  Please feel free to review it at your leisure.This is a digital copy of the student agenda book for parent perusal.  It contains the rotation schedules, maps, fees, and many general bits of information as weil as school policy.  Please feel free to review it at your leisure.






KPAC WEBSITE -  Attention Killarney Parents and Guardians,  We have created our own KPAC website: ( and facebook page to help keep you updated so please take a look and "like us."



The Vancouver School District would like parents to know that S-Trips are not supported or sponsored by the district or secondary schools. The S-Trip company offers grad events and recreational trips during spring and summer school breaks, as well as weekend trips to ski resorts. These are not school-sanctioned grad events or field studies and school and VSB staff are not involved in these trips.
The company recruits volunteer students from secondary schools to help with the advertising of these programs to other members of the student body. This advertising is done through social media tools widely used by students, such as Facebook and Twitter. The school district will not permit this company to advertise or meet with students on school property. The Vancouver School District has a comprehensive policy for school sponsored field trips and studies, which include clear expectations for student safety, responsibility and supervision. We encourage parents to carefully review the guidelines for student supervision and safety of any trips in which their youth are participating.