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    Jun 16, 2016


    The purpose of this message is to clarify the impact of the recent government announcement regarding the new graduation program and changes to the provincial exam program on the August 2016 provincial exam process.
    The information relates specifically to all grade 10 and 11 provincially examinable courses only.  There have been no changes announced to the provincial Language Arts 12 exam program.
    Summer School Remedial and Completion Courses – Science 10, English 10, All Math 10, and Socials 11
    Summer school remedial and completion courses are considered to be part of the new grad program and as such the final grade students receive for these courses will be entirely based on classroom assessment.  There are no provincial exams for these courses.
    August Provincial Exams
    Students wishing to write an August provincial exam for any course that was completed prior to June 30, 2016 must sign up in person at the CE office on or before July 8, 2016.  Students are required to bring a current report card showing that they are taking the course, and picture ID.
    Examinable Courses Finishing by June 30, 2016
    As in the past, regardless of their school mark,  all students are required to write the provincial exam for grade 10 and 11 examinable courses in order to receive  credit for any examinable  course finishing prior to June 30, 2016.
    Future Provincial Exam Sessions
    Grade 10 and 11 provincial exams will be available for first time writes or re-writes until August 2017 which will be the final provincial exam session for the current graduation program.