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    Nov 29, 2018

    In the past few years, the topic of mental health has gained more attention and the importance of mental health wellness is also more recognized.  As we approached the end of Term 1, the Leadership 11s and 12s will be organizing a Mental Health Wellness Week from Monday Dec 3rd to Friday Dec 7th.

    To help the students/staff unwind, we will be inviting George (from Pacific Assistance Dogs Society) and one of his dogs that is currently in advance training, to visit our school on Monday Dec 3rd at lunch.  We will block off a corner in the cafeteria (by the door closest to the Community Center) for some therapy dog time.  We would like to advise students/staff who are allergic to dogs not to get close to that area on Monday.

    Knowing the cause of our stress and understanding how we handle stress is also important.  The Leadership students will have a table set up inside the cafeteria to poll the students about the topic of stress – what are the stress factors, how do they deal with stress, who do they talk to when they are stressed, etc.  The answers to this survey will be shared with staff and students.  

    We would also like to create a “Gratitude Tree” in the cafeteria as well.  Staff, as well as students, are welcome to write something or someone they are grateful for.  Leadership students will sort through the responses and then post them on the “Gratitude Tree”.  Here4Peers will also be giving out pamphlets and information on mental health next week at lunch as well.

    Here is the schedule of our Mental Health Wellness week:

    Monday – Mindfulness Monday by Mental Health Club and Therapy Dog in the cafeteria at lunch

    Tuesday – Stress Survey in the cafeteria

    Wednesday – Here4Peers Information Booth and Gratitude Tree Submissions

    Thursday – Stress Survey in the cafeteria

    Friday – Here4Peers Information Booth and Gratitude Tree Submissions

    Lastly, one of the ways to help calm and relax our mind and body is by doing breathing exercises.  If you have not tried the “box breathing method”, I recommend you to give it a try!  It is also great to do this with your students before a test.

    Thank you for your continued support!  Please feel free to talk to me if you have any question/concern.