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VSBSchoolCalendar2017-2018.pdfVSBSchoolCalendar2017-2018.pdf - VSB approved calendar for 2017-2018 year a/o Feb 28, 2017 
Provincial Exam Schedule 2016-2017.jpg

Block Rotations - Collab Day - Flex Week Schedules.pdfBlock Rotations - Collab Day - Flex Week Schedules.pdf - What time does Period 1 start?  Check it out.
2016-2017 - Master Calendar August 30.pdf2016-2017 - Master Calendar August 30.pdf - Please be aware that this calendar is produced several months prior to the beginning of the school year and is used for planning purposes.  Apart from set dates such as Pro-D, Collaborative Days, Holidays, School Closures as approved by the VBE, many of the events that you see on these calendars will change throughout the year. 
It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you go to our website under the tab "ABOUT US" - BIG CALENDAR to view upcoming events.  This google calendar is easy to update and will provide more information whenever we have it available.
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  Please be advised that the Student Agenda Book Calendar is coordinated in June 2016.
  • In all cases, the original planned date will remain as per the Agenda Book and any changes or deletions will be noted on the planned date, as well as the new date, where applicable.