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UPDATED for school year 2017-2018

The school's award program is designed to encourage students to participate and excel in ​areas of academics, electives, athletics, fine arts and service. Points are awarded in all of these areas for participation and achievement. Students who have acquired enough points are recognized at year end award ceremonies with a variety of crests, certificates and pins.
Graduation awards, scholarships, bursaries and prizes are presented at the graduation or school leaving ceremonies. These awards recognize outstanding achievement in scholarship, fine arts and service.

Many of the awards are presented by community service groups who are interested in recognizing and supporting the work of young people in the community.

John Oliver Secondary Honour Rolls




Academic Honour Roll

Grade 8 to 12: An average based on all of the student's marks (a mark of less than 50% in any one course disqualifies you) on a report is calculated. An English course is required in the calculation. If the resulting average is 80% or greater that student is placed on the Honour Roll.

Effort Honour Roll

A student who earns all (G)s or (E)s for Work Habits on a term report is placed on the Effort Honour Roll. Criteria for work habits are based on such things as: regular attendance and punctuality, being prepared for class, being cooperative, participating in classroom activities, working hard, and asking for help when necessary.

Principal's List

Students in Grades 8 to 12 who achieve greater than a 90% average based on all John Oliver Secondary courses (other than Community Service), are placed on the Principal's List.