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Career Preparation

Career Preparation Work Experience
Career Preparation Work Experience is a program that integrates classroom theory with the practical experience in the workplace.  The program links the resources of secondary schools, business, industry and the community to provide young people with a highly motivating educational experience.
The program requires students to work full-time for the equivalent of three weeks.  Students may spend from one to three weeks with any one employer.  Individual timetables are determined for each student.   Students are expected to maintain school assignments during this time.  School credits are awarded for successful completion of both the in-school and the on-the-job components of the program. Teachers visit work stations to monitor students’ progress and evaluate their performance. In addition to providing work experience, the program can help students to make decisions about their future careers and to gain confidence in making the transition from secondary school to the world of work or post-secondary.
Career Preparation is designed to promote closer associations between students and working adults who are willing to share their knowledge.  Experienced employees can help students to gain a practical orientation to employment and to career development.
Career Preparation is available in Accounting, Art and Design Careers, Careers in Writing, Carpentry and Joinery, Computer Assisted Design and Drafting, Culinary Arts, Electronics, Entertainment Industry, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Design, General Mechanics, Health Sciences, Human Services, Law, Library Services, Marketing, Music, Photography Science, Sports and Recreation, and Tourism and Hospitality