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Skills Development Centre (S.D.C.)

 The primary function of the Skills Development Centre or (SDC) is to offer a block or course to support students, who are experiencing difficulty in one or more subject areas.

   During SDC blocks, students focus on study and organizational skills that they will use throughout their lives. Students learn test taking, organizational, memorization, literacy and numeracy strategies that they will use throughout high school and beyond.

  SDC students are encouraged to participate in activities that will increase their literacy and numeracy levels.

  During a SDC classes, students will receive some homework support to enable them to keep up with their class work and apply the skills/strategies taught in a SDC block.

 Finally, students develop awareness of their own unique learning styles and how this impacts upon their learning. Are they predominantly auditory, visual or kinesthetic learners? Knowing the answer to this questions allows students to choose appropriate study strategies. Students who are successful in the SDC will become lifelong learners, who can independently problem solve and apply learning processes creatively